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    OFFICIAL: Update Notes - Black Dahlia Hotfix - Steam 3.5.12 - PS4 1.15 - Switch 1.06

    Hey everyone, This update is focused on addressing some small issues discovered in Dahlia's release. As of posting, the Steam and PS4 updates are already available. The Switch version is lagging just a bit behind, but these changes and fixes should land on that platform very soon. Black Dahlia...
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    OFFICIAL: PS4 (v01.13) Evo Stage - Alternate HUD - Bug Fixes

    Hello everyone! This release brings a small slate of bug fixes as well as two new features to Skullgirls 2nd Encore on PS4. Evo Arena In celebration of Skullgirls being a main stage game at Evo 2022, we're proud to present the Evo Arena stage! The NMO Arena decks itself out in blue to...