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OFFICIAL: PS4 (v01.13) Evo Stage - Alternate HUD - Bug Fixes

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Jun 22, 2021
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Hello everyone!

This release brings a small slate of bug fixes as well as two new features to Skullgirls 2nd Encore on PS4.

Evo Arena​

In celebration of Skullgirls being a main stage game at Evo 2022, we're proud to present the Evo Arena stage!

The NMO Arena decks itself out in blue to celebrate this momentous year, and this new stage is free to all players. Thank you again, everyone, for supporting Skullgirls these past 10 years and making all this possible.


Alternate HUD

Additionally, arriving on PS4 just in time for Evo, we have our Alternate HUD feature. When turned on, this feature makes a small adjustment to how the Leader Flag, Win Counts, & Player Names appear on the in-game HUD during local and online versus matches. These changes are meant to make it so Skullgirls 2nd Encore can better accommodate streaming overlays for tournaments and streamers.

When the feature is turned on
- Leader tag appears below the health bars instead of above
- Win Counts aren't displayed mid-match
- For Online Lobbies, the player display names appear above the health bars instead of below.

This feature can be turned on from the "Options" menu.

Bug Fixes​

There's been a small set of combat and general bug fixes meant to improve the PS4 experience and fix some things before Skullgirls' main stage debut at Evo.


  • A shader bug fix has been applied to stop the super shadow flashing that can be seen after playing the game for a while.



  • Overstuffed j.HP now tagged as CounterHit
  • j.HP, like other multi-hit moves, switches to mid-hits after the first hit makes contact
  • Fixed an issue where her taunt was able to interact with her OTG state in rare situations
  • Overstuffed Under the Weather bubbles no longer generate meter on hit
  • Ensure that Hungern doesn't visually glitch after using Feeding Time
  • Tag-In no longer deals chip damage when blocked

Beowulf & Squigly​

  • Beowulf's outtake during grab mode ("Into The Trash") now properly removes Squigly's Inferno of Leviathan Projectile.
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