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2nd Life to Live - Robo Fortune

Sep 2, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Double Robo Fortune
No clue if this was ever found, but I was messing around online and killed a Robo-Fortune who was in the middle of her Lvl 3 with Ms. Fortune's Lvl 3. I won the match BUT Robo self-destructed killing me and a 2nd Robo came out alive as the match ended. SO, me going "Hmmmmmm.... *with a big grin* went to training and did the same thing but with a secondary character alive on both mine and Robo's team and did Lvl 3's Robo WILL survive despite getting killed by Ms. Fortune's Level 3 because the self-destruct sequence will deploy Robo's replacement. I had the Health set to 1 pixel and normal death (so when I died my second character would come out) so Robo had 1 HP remaining after death and still her second character in reserve.

This probably unlikely to ever happen too often but thought I'd share for once X3