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Report 5/29 Salty - Voice Pack Mania!


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Sep 2, 2013
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Big Band Big Band Big Band

"Up high! Down low! Too slow!" In this week's Salty!, the cast of Skullgirls gets a lot more talkative. Get ready for character voice packs!

Those who backed Keep Skullgirls Growing may remember the multiple stretch goals promising character voice packs for a large chunk of the roster. Two years, six characters, and $829k later, they're finally here just in time for 2nd Encore! These new voice packs will be forever free to all owners of Skullgirls, so you have no excuse not to take 'em out for a test drive.

The following voice packs will be available in the next Endless Beta update:
  • Anime Peacock
  • Saxsploitation Big Band
  • Salty Parasoul
  • Valley Girl Painwheel
  • Nonpartisan Double
  • Dazed Announcer
  • Female Announcer
  • Real Soviet Announcer
Voice packs can be chosen for applicable characters by scrolling up or down while in that character's color select menu.

To take a listen to the voice packs and check out the other update miscellanea, check out the full Twitch archive of this week's Salty! here!

With work on 2nd Encore speeding along, make sure you don't miss a beat: Catch Salty! live so that you can watch the updates unfold alongside the community! Watch Salty! here every Friday @ 8PM PST.

(Thanks TheRazzeus for the Youtube archive!)
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Can't wait to try the voice packs out.

And Mike's nearly done, wow it's going to be weird not having these every week, but it's nice that Lab Zero will soon finally be able to say they've finished Skullgirls.

Edit: Just to be clear, I will still watch tournaments every week, I was clearly referring to the lack of updates.
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I really enjoyed the Salty Parasoul voice pack the most.
These voice packs are nice to spice things up from time to time. Some of these lines I heard so far made me grin.

Oh cool CPU VS mode was implemented too. While it may seem trivial, it is a common sight for fighting games to have it so it was kind of odd for it to be absent [sort of like when this game initially didn't have a built in move-list] hence why a lot of people been asking for this over the years. Not everyone knows/likes that using training mode options essentially makes CPU VS. since the issue was convenience.

Finally at the home stretch it seems.
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question: since i can fight regular Parasoul using Salty Parasoul,
there is any chance of the randow characters that apear in arcade use the other voice packs?
in a positive way of course
Oh yeah, of course. Just forget its intended purpose and take in the raw reaction.
question: since i can fight regular Parasoul using Salty Parasoul,
there is any chance of the randow characters that apear in arcade use the other voice packs?
Oh good point, I did it for Random character pick but not the AI, I'll do that with a veeeeeeery low probability.
I guess i'll take one for the team and ask the dumbest question

Am I correct in assuming you can't pick alt voices for characters during story mode?
Well, you can't even pick different palettes in story mode, so probably not.
I Didn't think it was possible but now big bands voice is now even Saxier. That being said i love Anime Peacock and Republican double the amount of in-jokes and references had me dying.
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Double: "If you elect me I promise to build more orphanages!"
I think I need to main/elect double now.
It feels weird to have both Charlotte and Kaiji's voices alternating in the Republican VP, but it does make sense in a way. Also Double's voice lines on the second hit of tag-in cuts off some parts of Kaiji's tag in lines.
Bigband:"You done funked up now" Need to use that lvl 3 more often.

Also, can someone tell me what Peacock says on her C.hp excep Solarflare? cause im hearing weird things
Will these be added to the main game at the same time as Beta?
if anyone has a link to the entire voice reels of the new voice packs it would be much appreciated if you could post em here (especially the nunpartisan)
Where can i hear these voice packs i dont have a pc is there like a video link or somthing
When is someone going to be uploading the voices to youtube? I can't wait.
these voice tracks are great and I love them all.
Salty Parasoul made me pick her back up...
Valley Painwheel made me pick her up period
I was already trying to learn Parasoul but now I need Painwheel and Double too.