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A Better Parasoul guide. (With videos)


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Sep 27, 2014
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Parasoul guide

After having my old guide taken down, I decided to make another one just because.

What is Parasoul: Parasoul is very versatile character with many things. Some bad things, some good things. She is what people call a charge character meaning you hold a certain input down for a minimum of 2 seconds. Now read this if you actually want to learn.

Parasouls to check out if you want to:


  1. She has great normals and command normals that make her a pressuring character.
  2. Great specials like Napalm Shot and Egret charge which are great zoning tools.
  3. Great resets and mixups and/or arguably THE best 50/50 mixups in the game such as double crossunder to a low then an overhead.
  4. Able to zone greatly like Peacock and Fukua.
  5. Able to do damage without an assist and with one meter
  6. Possible to make devestating (very damaging) combos with assists such as H Lock'n'Load.
  7. Fancy ass combos to impress people and make them not feel bad when they lose.
  8. Good counter hit combos after someone bursts.
  9. Napalm shot is +3 on block.
  10. j.HP

  1. One of the worst mobile characters. (No air dash, double jump naturally)
  2. Napalm Pillar is most likely a predictable move because you have to be holding down the whole time making it easier to punish with overheads IMO. Plus Napalm Pillar + Bikes is not safe midscreen unless you have a good DHC or a DHC to punish the opponent trying to punish Parasoul.
  3. Parasoul is usually better off with teams most of the time, but i'll get into that later.
  4. More of a reset/burst bait character meaning a Parasoul player has to learn good mixups and resets most of the time.
  5. Bad corner carrying with Happy birthdays. Meaning she'll need an assist to help her.
  6. Her air hitboxes allows almost everything to work on her + her tall height on ground.
  7. Filia's iad j.HK completely avoids Napalm Pillar.

s.LP: Your average jab move of course. It has good uses for baiting mainly because of how much distance it has and continuing combos. I don't really recommend making this your main jab or starting combos because it has very low hitstun and can whiff on most crouching characters like Filia, Valentine, and Double.

c.LP: It's a weird move but a quick move and/or jab. It's a 7 frame startup which is good but it's not very far ranged and it doesn't hit low but she still has much better jabs.

s.MP: You should love s.MP. Why? It's a decently ranged move and it's great attribute to detonate tears when it hits one. You will probably many fancy Parasouls use this to detonate tears in combos and OTGs.

c.MP: Yay. c.MP. It's fun. Really, it is. It's fun for Burst baiting, zoning, and toying with Filia. Most of the time, c.MP into tear shot usually cancels Filia's option to iad something like j.HP. You will definently see a Parasoul baiting with this if they know they can avoid the burst with it. Also something that can be used like I said, Using c.MP into tear shot can improve your zoning game more.

s.HP: It has potential of being good used in a raw way as an anti-air. But really, it requires to hold back or down during it to cancel to Roman Cancel, Napalm Pillar, or Tear shot because it has bad recovery on whiff and it will ruin your day. -67 is raw s.HP recovery frames so I hope your good at charge moves. It also detonates Napalm tears.

c.HP: Nothing much to go in here. Typical launcher and detonates tears.

s.LK: A better jab then s.LP and c.LP IMO. It's used in to continue combos mainly but I prefer different moves to jab in with other then s.LP, c.LP, and s.LK. Hits twice and is able to combo into s.HP which is good.

c.LK: This should everyone's favorite jab with Parasoul. IMO of course. Because it has better range then c.LP, only one more frame then c.LP which really doesn't matter at all, able to go into overheads after, and it hits low. This is why Parasoul should make c.LK their main jab. So please, make it your main grounded jab.

s.MK: It's pretty good but eh. It kind of/barely lunges her forward on the 1st kick which is good. It's something you should list as a alternate jab if you want to but that's just my style. You will also be seeing it used it in counter hit combos or more damaging combos. Note that the second kick can whiff at most ranges on sometimes crouching Filia, Valentine, or Double.

c.MK: This is also another move to put on your main jabs list. It's because it hits low of course, can be gone into after c.LK hits or gets blocked, good for resets, decently ranged, and cancellable after an overhead and into an overhead. That's why it makes Parasoul as a pressuring and reset character.

s.HK: Don't know why this one dude's guide put this as a good assist at all. I mean at least Cruel Lily is better. But really. s.HK is a fun to experiment with because wallbounce combos and tag-ins. It has the same bad effect with s.MK's second kick so keep that in mind.

c.HK: Your typical sweep. Nothing fancy, nothing really important to talk about it.

Air Normals:

j.LP: Everyone's favorite normal from Parasoul. It has a lot of active frames and if it hits and goes into j.HP, you basically get a full combo. Another great benefit from this is that it can detonate tears which can improve your zoning or reset game, which ever you prefer.

j.MP: I like this move. It has good benefits. It lets you juggle, detonate tears, and it has good upward + diagnol range. It gives you so many options to choose from really. You can air grab, burst bait, or grab the opponent if they don't burst. Plus it's hitstun is good to so there's that to. Use this against Painwheel sometimes but it's better to keep your distance and zone her out like a douche.

j.HP: EVERYONE'S FAVORITE PARASOUL MOVE OTHER THEN NAPALM PILLAR! WOW! (not really, don't take that seriously, please.) Reasons as to why it is good is because it causes knockdown if hit in the air, large amounts of hitstun, and wide hitbox. This is Parasoul's main air jump in move next to j.LP of course. It's not really spammable because you can get punished by air grab, Diamond Dynamo, or something like that. Another reason as to why it's so widely used is because it detonates tears and can combo from OTG.

j.LK: There's even been a debate between which is better, j.LP or j.LK. http://skullgirls.com/forums/index.php?threads/parasoul-j-lp-vs-j-lk.1778/ Personally, it just depends on the situation. j.LK is a more upward move to use character's like Valentine, Painwheel, possibly a few others. It's not as long lasting like j.LP but's one frame less and it goes more upward. Like I said, it's really just based on the situation.

j.MK: Oh good. A most of time underused mobility tool in Parasoul's mobility assets. But another thing is that it's really good for ending the juggle part of an air string, resets, and fancy combos. As referring as to why Parasoul's j.MK is a good mobility tool is that if you use it on a tear, Parasoul will ascend more into the air and has a lot more horizontal movement during. Plus due to the fact that can cancel to any normal or air special during the fly. I consider this is a double jump because if Parasoul can lay a tear in the air in a good place (Which she can), she can go into j.MK and she'll get a boost from the tear theoretically giving a double jump.

j.HK: A great combo continuer and pressure. Judging that it's a multi-hit air normal and is cancellable into a tear toss is good pressure especially in the corner. j.HK will definently will be in your main BnBs.

Command normals:

f.LP: This move will be one of your best friends for resets and mixups. Why? It's because it's an overhead that can go into a low or another overhead. Cool, isn't it? For you, as the Parasoul player it is. Nothing really to explain anymore.

f.MP: Another great move reset/mixup option for Parasoul to use because it hits low. Things like c.LK to f.MP or f.LP to f.MP is good to.

f.HP: This is a very long range move. The only use I find for it is to do corner routes or for maximum damage combos which is pretty difficult considering f.HP into tear shot is pretty difficult at first.

b.HK: Yay. A fun move. b.HK is really fun but evil. Since it got a speed buff, it's harder to react to sometimes like dash-up c.LK to b.HK is pretty hard to react to judging that can do c.MK which hits low. Now going into why it's so good is because judging it's a heavy move, it can cancel from any Light to Medium move, It's an overhead, and it causes groundbounce which is reaalllly gooood. And of course, you will see fancy Parasouls use this in their fancy, pretty combos.

Air command normals:

j.b.LK: This move has a lot more potential then just being a crossup move that scales your combo. Like in the video I will show you what I mean. Also cancelling j.b.LK with j.MP then dashing up to do f.LP is also a really mean thing to do also. This also detonates tears.

j.d.MK: This move is mainly used for resets, burst baits, crossups. You'll see a lot of resets like c.HP > j.LP > j.d.MK > Delay j.b.LK. As for burst baits, it's just really a fancy way of baiting them so don't try it with j.d.MK unless you know they'll burst. and you can cancel into any air normal if it hits.


Napalm Tear: Parasoul lays Krieg's tears across the screen, laying up to the 3 on the grounded version. But really the air version is better to lay out because you have a lot less time to recover unlike the grounded version. Also something that needs to be told is that Napalm tear, most times is underrated in zoning but that's very helpful actually, but that just me being me which is probably bad.

Napalm Shot: Parasoul shoots threw Kreig's eyes and sends it as a projectile. Meaning this Parasoul's main zoning tool. Another thing that you should keep in my is that you will be using this in your grounded chain or the universal BnB. The Light version sends a steady and slow shot but it has good recovery, The medium version is an anti-air projectile which is good for keeping someone like Filia or Parasoul from approaching from the air, and the Heavy version sends a fast shot but has bad recovery.

Napalm Trigger: Nerfed to not do any damage at all, only to detonate all tears on screen.

Napalm Quake: Nerfed
(buffed) to not cause knockdown or fallover thing. No longer Detonates tears on screen. It's a good combo ender before a super, but it's only really good benefit is that it hits low.

Napalm Pillar: WOOOOOOOOOW, THE BEST DP EVER, SO OP, PLS NERF. No. It's more of a bad DP but it's still a viable DP. I considerate more of a bad thing just cause some characters or possibly all characters can beat Napalm Pillar + Bikes which is bad for Parasoul. It can also be used to make a maximum damage combos or kill your fingers by trying to do Napalm Pillar loops which are cool. So keep in mind you can't always spam Pillar + Bikes or Pillar in general.

Egret Call: Parasoul's roman cancel.

Egret Dive: Parasoul's infinite projectile and can't take any physical hits. It's not really that helpful against Peacock especially when Peacock has Lonk'n'Load assist.

Egret Charge: Underrated move in non competitive play. It's a good zoning tool definently and for pressure. This is also good for combos and corner carrying if you chase which is what you should always do.

Resets and combos:

Note: I'm going to delay the assist and team synergy part because I want more people's outputs on characters other then Filia, Double, or Cerebella. Also feel free to telll me to add more on a few things if you want to but whatever.

Also check out my channel if you want more Parasoul stuff as well. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCucg5waJalpiaeSNyyOz0dw

Opinionated Matchup section:

Very bad Matchups:

Point Parasoul vs Point Peacock
Ms. Fortune. IMO

Fukua vs Parasoul. Ratio: 7 - 3

Reasons why: 1 reason of the bat is because she can zone out Parasoul easily most of the time. It's fun to deal with at all because Fukua is evil. j.HK is also a huge pain just because what it does and how big Parasoul's grounded and air hitbox is.

Eh matchups:

Parasoul: Just M and H Shot.

Good matchups:

Big Band
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