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A Skullgirls movie: Possible or not?

Would a Skullgirls movie/show, fan-made or not, be possible?

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Who hasn't had that dream? You know, the one where all of your favorite characters from a video game team up to fight the bad guy, save the day and form bonds that revitalize the canon in a way thought impossible? Maybe that's only me. But the point is, a Skullgirls movie would kick ass. In the game, just due to the way the story mode is established, and the multiple storylines that must be balanced, many of the full emotions, motivations, and ties between characters cannot possibly be explored, making it prime material for a larger cohesive script. However, this is also the reason it cannot be so.

If you were making a Skullgirls movie, how on earth could you find a way to tie together the stories of all of the characters without leaving characters behind along the way? Not to mention the monetary aspects. To animate a whole movie like Skullgirls would take a fortune, certainly more than Kickstarter could get you, so we can reasonably say that there will probably be no Skullgirls movie, t.v show or anime any time soon.

However, that is why this forum exists. Why not dream of what could be? Why not try to,as a community, form a cohesive plot? And, hell, if we have any geniuses on these forums, why not speculate on how this could be made real?

Or we could just talk about Skullgirls OTP's.


That's up to you.

(Reposted due to general foolishness on my part)
if you have 2 million bucks sitting around you could try to contact alex and see if he wants to do a short animation based on SG
Anything is possible.
I'd be more worried than anything if one got green-lit by a serious movie studio.

Super Mario Bros. movie anyone?
i'm scared of the movie being butchered as fuck
Yeah but didn't you see the trailer

The movie's coming.
Yeah but didn't you see the trailer

The movie's coming.
The movie will come out at the same time Annie will be released. May be a couple of centuries, but it can happen.

Overall, I think a well animated movie for Skullgirls is not to far off, but as DukeMagus stated, you would have to invest a large sum of money for it to even be possible, and there is no guarantee that the directing can go well.
A movie about a show within a game that isn't really a show but is actually REAL LIFE?
Dont you mean a movie about a character that is never going to happen?

Also, wasnt there a movie about a guy whose reality and everyday life was monitored by everyone for entertainment purposes
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If there was a Skullgirls movie, there are a few overlapping events when you smash all the stories together. For instance, Dr. Avian dies in all story modes so he must die in the movie. It would be difficult to pick a protagonist though. Who among the cast would be best to interact with the rest? To go among the Medicis, the Black Egrets, the Anti-Skullgirl labs, and the rest?

In a perfect world where Skullgirls gets optioned off in Hollywood and becomes a live-action motion picture: Andy Serkis will play Sekhmet.
They could transform Squigly's story mode into a movie. A dramatic plot with a really sad ending that makes everyone on the room cry.
Or Perhaps Big Bands? Marie still dies, Peacock cries and Team CockBand gaze into the sunset at the sequel.
I think the best format for telling the story would sadly be a bit more difficult; (Mini?)Series with shifting view points every couple episodes that ends off with an OAV.

I absolutely would love it a studio partnered with Lab Zero and worked out the details so that the L0 guys wouldn't have to go insane by doing this all by themselves, but logistically we have no idea how possible this is due to things like moving on to other projects, getting this game as complete as they can, and some well weeeeeeeeell deserved rest and recuperation.
If Skullgirls does get turned into a TV series / movie, Lab 0 should get the people who animated Wakfu to do the animation.
I've always wanted to see Skullgirls as a TV series. Airing on Adult Swim/Toonami.
Hey guys did you hear? They are making an Annie movie!

Oh wait...
Skullgirls would need to be animated if it was made into a movie- live action just wouldn't work. I'd suggest getting Trigger to do the animation.

If we got a Trigger-made SG movie I think I would squeal in delight.
Possible scenario: Indivisible is a breakthrough success. LZ makes it big & gets the chance to make an animated something.

I only hope that if extra art/animation help is needed, I get a shot. XD