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A1 & A2 Swap Feature


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Jun 13, 2018
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The current assist button combination diagram covers almost every macro you could want but getting LK special + assist 2 isn’t possible without Plinking, and the same goes for HK specials with A1. If you have an assist that needs to come out on the same frame of the special, this system can make it impossible when playing trios. An example for this is, when trying to use Pillar + M.Pinion assist while running Painwheel Mid (Her ideal position) you have to plink which fails to combo since the timing is too precise. With HK specifically you must plink since the other kick buttons take priority and give you Detonate or Quake instead. Since changes are being made to the game, if the devs could adjust this so that there aren’t any duo only routes that would be fantastic. Also wondering if any of you have run into this issue as well.

My proposition is to simply allow an option for A1 & A2 to be switched in the button configuration, but any solution would be appreciated!


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Personally I'd be more okay with just this, now they aren't hogging buttons.

I did try to suggest this years ago but I failed and wasn't very persistent.

I feel like this solves everyone's problems without making a special feature to pick what a1 and a2 does, plus it doesn't really solve much since if your order gets switched somehow in a match, you're screwed (maybe I misread? tbh I wasn't sure what you meant). With an assist layout change like this, you'll always be able to do a LK or HK special with whatever assist order you got.
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just add them to the 4th button row on the controller