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Am I the only one who dislikes these types of people?


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Sep 13, 2023
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Have you ever been chilling on Competitive and then like you see someone? You join their match and then you're like "Yay, someone I can play with." But then you notice the person plays Black Dahlia. And you're like "Okay, this isn't too bad." But then they start SPAMMING THE BULLETS and then grabbing and just ruining it. They play by SPAMMING BLACK DAHLIA! The most spammable fighter in the whole game. I mean, am I wrong? I'm not saying that this is all of the Black Dahlia mains, but to be honest, if you are someone who does this...Man, I don't know what to say. Just PLEASE STOP this isn't called a strategy, it's called being ANNOYING. And the worst part? Don't even GET ME STARTED on the ones who have BAD INTERNET.
Annoying your opponent is a valid strategy, if you lose your composure and just try to get in wrecklesly you will end up getting it which is the goal of you opponent. And Black Dhalia is not the only characters that will play lame, Valentine, Fukua and Robo excell at this playstyle.
This probably isn't the advice you want to hear, but if you want to seriously improve, I think an important step is getting the word 'spam' out of your vocabulary. Framing any playstyle you have trouble dealing with as a negative closes your mindset off from properly considering your own options. It's also just an ill-defined word that gets thrown out to describe nearly anything people get salty at, to the point where it loses meaning.

Sometimes 'spam' simply refers to an action repeated several times. But you could reframe this as being predictable, in which case you should be able to find the counterplay. However, there's another layer here where an opponent can try to get you to second-guess your predictions, "surely they aren't gonna command grab a fifth time, right?" Repetition is a totally valid play at times!

More often though, I feel like the word 'spam' just gets used to describe anything a zoner does with projectiles. If Peacock is setting up complex and varied zoning patterns using every projectile in her kit, not just doing one thing, there's still gonna be someone in the comments section complaining about 'spam'. Projectiles exist to be used, and I will never understand people expecting them not to.

There's almost nothing in fighting games I haven't heard someone somewhere try to call 'spam'. I've even unironically heard people complain about 'spamming block', that's how bad it's gotten. That's how useless of a term this is.

Salt and frustration are inevitable sometimes, but if you want to channel that salt productively, start by trying to more specifically identify the problem, then you can more specifically identify the solution. If you're talking about repetition, then talk about repetition. If you're talking about zoning, then talk about zoning. If you're talking about something else entirely, figure out what that is.

Also try to avoid ever thinking of these things as something the opponent is doing wrong, because at the end of the day if they're winning, they're doing it right.
Probably worth noting that OP is most likely talking about SGM. But it's a valid line of discussion regardless of the game specifics, so, eh, I'm leaving it up for now.