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Amusingly misleading Skullgirls Censoring

Yeah, no,
something about that's a bit too real.
Can't believe I am uploading one of these...

How I'm not surprised that someone from the Squigly Fuckers thread would enjoy raping-a-schoolgirl vibes in SG
You've practically stated why I refuse to post in that thread now that it's returned.
vulpes vs, headcrab when.
Is this why they took out the Off topic section? Because everyone is fucking rude to each other?
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why the fuck does someone have to come in and say the most dickish thing they can come up with
like really, keep it to yourself
anyway, i bet you a dollar that if they had used that animation, someone would have been butthurt as hell, and who knows what would've happened.
just better to be safe than sorry.
She's not real. If Squigly or Fillia were real I'd see where you were coming from. They're fictional characters in a fictional situation.
If you find someone disgusting you say it directly. At least that's what I get.
Jean, I've hard that billions of times. It's still kind of creepy, and definitely not something you'd say in public.
But, uh, whatever I guess. Skullgirls culture
If you don't like what someone says then the block button is your friend. You wouldn't attack someone in public, would you?
Keep it on topic, guys... if there even is a topic by now??
Yeah though as much as I hate to say it, I agree with IsaVulpes.
I'm glad that animation didn't get in, and I wouldn't miss the Squigly Fanboys.
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I don't like the animation and the Squigly love isn't my thing, but that's no reason to attack a dude.
So who wants to get back on track with the Dick placing?
Can someone censor Filias Fenrir Drive pls, I would but I can't edit on my phone witch is all I have :c

I tried.
It doesn't really look all that funny
or like a dick.
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if you want something to add a censor bar to
how I wish that would've been used
I normally don't do this, but why on earth would you wish that to have been used? It's WAY over any line. It's a teeny bit funny in comparison with her other winpose but it's mostly just exploitative.