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Are resets too dominant now?

There's 3 ways to AC into whatever you want:
  1. Set Dash as your assist. (This can't AC into block.)
  2. Set a normal as your assist and you'll be able to cancel it into any harder normal, special, or super you want. (This can't AC into throws, lighter normals, or blocking. I might be wrong about throws with LP or LK assist since they can cancel into throw during the first startup frames.)
  3. Set a projectile assist for a population-limited projectile (any George is pop-limited, Napalm toss isn't) and AC while the projectile still exists. (Can do literally anything, even block.)
(That last one is 25% of the reasons why I use George's Day Out assist.)

Anyway, these have all been around since Launch Party Everday version. In fact, they were demonstrating Dash assists in the Alpha, so longer.
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