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Art Forum Rules - Updated 10 Feb 2015

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Aug 31, 2013
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Updated 10-Feb-2015

I ( @Cellsai ) am the Art Moderator, so please contact me if you have any issues with anything in this section.

Please remember that there are rules in force over the entire forum. Please read them here:

However, with this being the Art section, there are specific cases that will likely come up more often. Please read below for rules specific to the art forum:

  • Posting of NSFW images is allowed but they MUST be hidden in spoilers and marked as Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
  • Outright porn is still banned.
Please be considerate with your posting of Not Safe For Work art anywhere on the site. Before you post anything, consider if you'd be happy if your boss, teacher, parent, etc saw your screen. If you think they might disapprove, hide it behind a Spoiler Tag and clearly mark it as NSFW.

Outright pornography cannot be posted or even linked here. This also covers full frontal nudity or anything of an overly fetished nature regardless of how artistic you believe it is. If you are unsure if something you're about to post is not allowed on the forum, please PM me. Moderator's decisions are final on this, so please do not get upset if you feel something is okay to post on the forum when the moderation team has said otherwise.

Excessive mutilation and gore is also banned with the same stipulations.

  • Image Quoting is banned.
Image quoting in general is not allowed on this site. When quoting someone, please remove any images. There's a link to their post in the Quote tag anyway so if the viewer really needs to see it they can easily navigate back. I generally include a brief description like [Minette being super cute] whenever I remove an image, but this is not required.

Exceptions to this can be made if you feel it is very important for the original image to be displayed in your post, but use this sparingly if possible.

  • Artists can have one thread dedicated to showcasing their art, but ONLY Skullgirls art is allowed to be posted.
As this rule was instated long after some artists had already posted non-Skullgirls art, some threads will still contain that art and does not need to be removed. However, please remove all non-SG fanart from the first post in your thread.

No non-Skullgirls fanart is to be posted after 22/12/2014

  • You must cite references
Any time you post art that is not your own I expect you to post a link to where you got it from. I know it can be hard to track sources if images are just pulled from other forums and the like, but please try and get sources.

Artists live and breath off people knowing who they are. It's a huge disservice to take their art and not give credit.

  • Using the thread prefixes
When creating a thread you have the option of adding a prefix tab to it. In the Gallery section there are many to choose from, including individual character names. In the Art and Other Media forum we have our own special ones. If your thread falls under one of the following categories, please use the appropriate prefix. If it doesn't fit any of them, you don't need one.
If you made a thread with no prefix and want one added, please let me know!

Personal - Use this for your own personal art thread that you plan on updating many times in the future with new content.

Project -
This is for large, ongoing projects like fan games, unreleased character animation threads or the Custom Palettes thread.

Audio -
There's usually not many music or audio based threads in here, so anything music based can all be put under this prefix to make them easier to find.

- Same as music, put all cosplay related threads in this prefix.
  • Spoiler Tagging Images
This is not actually a rule but I figure I should address it anyway.

Spoilering images does not actually make the page load any faster - the images are still fully loaded, just hidden. They do however tidy up otherwise messy posts.
You're under no obligation to use them, so it's totally up to you if you do or not.
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The forum rules have been updated as of 22/12/2014.

Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for not following them and you will be assigned warnings regardless if you've read them or not.
I added a section explaining the use of the prefixes (personal, project, music, cosplay) in this forum. If you want your thread updated with a prefix, let me know and I'll do it for you.

Also, I should remind you that as of December 2014 there is to be no non-Skullgirls fanart posted in here. You can link to your dA galleries all you want, but this page is specifically for talking about Skullgirls art, not showing off every new piece of art you've made. I've noticed a few of y'all still doing that and I would request that you stop before I go in and have to warn you directly. :)
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