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Beo Bands and Beo Robos


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Aug 29, 2017
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Just hit your full screen assist and jump in with beowulf it's that easy to win literally that easy with invisible 50/50s. the only chance you have of winning is by tagging in robo and destroying her because she has bad defense but that's just very unlike to happen because beo robo has the best neutral in the game, like trying to fight a hitbox that's half your screen. no one can prove this wrong..
Beo's weakness IS his neutral, so I guess it's understandable that it would seem difficult to deal with when he has a good assist to help him. Dekillsage makes it seem like it's cheating, but it's not really.
What kind of characters do you play? If it's something like solo Big Band then you are going to hate life as dealing with Robo's assist and a hit grab is really difficult. If it's someone like parasoul, then you could do a crouching move and then napalm pillar to counter mixups during beam. Bella can do deflector using this method I think. For characters like Valentine and Painwheel, then it's really a matter of hanging around in the air, tapping the assist for a longer cooldown, and then going in for your stuff. There's also the option of running brass or laser youself.

To prove you wrong, I give you my team
Fukua(H drill), Ms.Fortune(H fiber), Robo Fortune(H laser). I would just jump over the laser, call my own, and to keep me from doing other wise, I would use fireballs. I also have the benefit of drill and laser assist, allowing me convert off of drill and not having to wait for the startup of fiber. I can alpha counter if he tries to lock me down using assists and etc...
What makes his neutral worse than others in the cast? I find that he dictates the flow of the match exceptionally well since he is actually incredibly mobile, and he seems to be the one to dictate when we engage. Most of my damage against Beo comes from people playing a little too fast and a little too loose with him.
I said that it's his weakness, not that it's worse than others in the cast necessarily. It mainly means he wants to be on the offensive or taking advantage of his defense.
To tell you why it's his weakness, he is slow, he is mostly committed to his air attacks, and he does not have good multi hitting normals to fight against pushblock. Also, his supers are really important for neutral, so if you run out, you are out of luck. Assists put him straight on the offensive or force his opponents to be aggressive. Both of these situations make him shine with his great offense and great defense.
It also gives him something when he runs out of resources.
Also why do you say he is mobile? He can super, but he isn't really a speedy type. Blitzer isn't all that safe.
I haven't played very much since his release, so I definitely don't have good answers for a lot of his stuff, but Blitzer is really safe, isn't it?

I know if they come down directly on top of you, you can punish it... but when he's using it to fly around, it is pretty damn safe... isn't it?
It's negative on block and you can get in on him without much worry if he lands somewhere stupid, it's hard to get somewhere good with it if the opponent is diligent and you don't have assists to cover you. Just armor thresher blitzer or start pressuring him if he runs.

Painwheel advice:his h chair is reactable, so air super that on reaction. Bait his reversals by keeping in a magic range where his supers don't get you. He doesn't have good ways to break armor with the chair on, and he loses quite a bit of range without his chair. H buer into thresher will give you a combo. You out range him with your ground normals. I'm talking round start c.lk will catch him probably. Jump and push block him, but don't be obvious or he will jump super you.

Squigly advice: c.lk will low profile gig arm. Going back to him being committed, he is really weak to sbo when in the air.

Also, I think both of your characters can j.lp instant overhead Beowulf. I know Painwheel can.