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Sep 3, 2013
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Valentine Cerebella Parasoul
All things Borderlands.

Digistruct Peak comes out today! Anyone getting it?

I'm still deciding if I'm going to take my Siren through another story playthrough to get her to level 72 or if I'm just going to jump into the new DLC area.


Current build:



-Grog Nozzle
- Elemental SMG/Elemental Sniper Rifle (Depends on situation)
-Casual Swordsplosion

-Rough Rider shield (Sometimes I use the Bee for backup/sniping)
-Breakneck Banshee com
-Fire/Shock Bone of the Ancients
-Magic Missile grenade
I absolutely love Borderlands 2 (put somewhere around 400-500 hours into in by this point, no exaggeration), and I'll almost certainly get this at some point. However, I'm probably gonna wait to pick this up until after at least the first Headhunter pack comes out so that I can grab both in one swoop and enjoy them in tandem with each other. Besides, I'm not motivated enough to go through the story for the umpteenth time and/or play through the mountain four or five times just to reach the cap yet again X-D

So far, my favorite character is Krieg (level 61, woo!), with Gaige (lv. 53) and Zer0 (lv. 46) right behind. If I remember all of this correctly, my loadout for Krieg is as follows:

-Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker
-Torgue shotgun (I believe it's a Desperate Ravager or something like that)
-Veruc (a corrosive Dahl rifle that fires five bullets at once)
-Slag SMG

-Rough Rider shield (fawk yeah)
-Fireball grenade
-Legendary Psycho mod
-Blood Of The Ancients
I don't know when i'll be getting the level increase DLC as I have taken a bit of a break from the BL2 after beating the last DLC. I've put MANY hours into the game and though I don't remember my exact build, my main class has been the Siren. Have her maxed level with a host of decent weaponry with a Gaige somewhere in the middle of a TVHM playthrough. Really not looking forward to yet another story mode playthrough when I get the new level DLC though, after having gone through it at least 10 times using multiple characters, i'm kind of tired of it. I'll probably get back into it again once I get a break from school.
YES! I'm soooo glad someone beat me to this!

Yeah, I'm totally getting the Digistruct Peak challenge. Awesome excuse to dust off my Mechromancer and play BL2 again.

Favorite Character: Gaige
Favorite Brand: Jakobs, Torgue
Favorite Gun: Unkempt Harold
Favorite DLC: Tie between Torgue and Dragon's Keep
Man, if only this was several months ago. I was mad addicted to BL2 at one point with 700 hours on record. It would probably be my most played game if it wasn't for all the time I spent idling in TF2 back in 2009 - 2010.

I remember spending hours farming Pyro Pete for seraph crystals and legendaries, trying my hardest to get the Kawaii Killer head for my siren, spending hours leveling Maya, Axton and Gaige to 50, farming the treasure room in the pirate DLC. Damn those were fun times. Oh, and when the Rough Rider shield was added in Hammerlock's DLC? Running around at +110% speed was just awesome.

At some point though, I just got bored of it all. Even Krieg and the 4th DLC didn't get me hooked again, but they're both great, no denying that. Hell, I still haven't leveled my siren to 61 yet, and it's been a few months since that level cap increase came out. Maybe I should give the game a go again.
I only recently got a copy of Borderlands 1 Game of the Year Edition, so I don't have any Borderlands 2 data to talk about. I'm trying to save up for it though, I just have to pay off my current preorder and take care of a car loan first.
I'll join in on Borderlands 2 after I pick up the GOTY edition later this year.
I was JUST about to give up on BL2, then gmg had a 20% off coupon so I picked up digipeak anyway. Seems like slightly frustrating fun. I'm at OP3 with a mainly melee zero, but it's getting a bit tough.

Gibbing most of the equipment up to appropriate levels, obviously.
I love the Borderlands so much!

I played the first with Lilith, right now I'm level 45 if I'm not mistaken. I just finished Claptrap's Robolution a few days ago, I laughed my ass off and had a great time. I'm not doing the second playthrough yet, there's some side missions I have to finish first.

And regarding Borderlands 2, I just finished it with Zer0 yesterday (lvl 31...); and right now I'm playing with Maya. I'd like to buy the season pass and the other two Vault Hunters, so I'm waiting for some Steam discount lol


We should do a co-op someday. But I first have to check my internet connection, it's not going very well lately...
I've been needing to find a science FPS game for some time now. Because Irrational Games ( the people that made Bioshock and Systemshock ) is shutting down. I know that Borderlands 2 is on PS Plus for free. So I know I will be renewing my sub for to play it. So when I do, what class character should I use?
To play solo, I had a very dificult playthrough with Zer0. Maybe because I splitted the skill points between the three skill trees instead of fully developing one of them.
Right now I'm playing with Maya and thanks to her Phaselock it's not that hard. I believe Zer0 is more intended to be a supporting class.

Axton has his turret, so I think it helps a lot. And I can't say much about Salvador, but it seems to have too much firepower. Anyway, I would recomend Axton or Maya to play solo.
I got Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition for Christmas, but I have yet to start it.
I wouldn't be against playing some team games
Same here, though for me the problem is waiting for my ps3 to get back from repairs.
I play on Steam. I'd like to make a team to fight Crawmerax the Invincible, but I'm level 45 and its mission it's lvl 61. Anyone joins?
Well, once I get my ps3 back and play a bit, I'm up for some team play.
Well I renewed my PS Plus Subscription and have been playing Borderlands 2. I can say it's pretty awesome. Also...


I made a drawing of Maya cause I picked the Siren class.
Hi there! Anyone playing Borderlands 2 on Steam? I need some help at the Friendship Gulag, W4R-D3N is very tough.
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Hi there! Anyone playing Borderlands 2 on Steam? I need some help at the Friendship Gulag, W4R-D3N is very tough.

What level are you? I'm not sure if I have any characters that are mid level. Most are really low level (like 1-10) and I have one Lv 72. Nothing really in between lol.

My Steam: gottagofast
(With the Sonic icon)

Just send me an invite.
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Right now I'm using Maya, level 14 D:

Sending invitation.
Thank you Southpawper! It went really nice. I got myself killed, though lol
I have a lvl 10 Psycho, I wouldn't mind playing a bit sometime
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Haza! I got my PS3 back today and have just finished installing 6 out of 9 bonus content for Borderlands 2 GotYE! I'm planning to play a bit tonight. I'm open for any team plays Monday night and Wednesday night, maybe Tuesday and Thursday if time is permitting.
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Feel free to add me for BL2 Shenanigans! (Lv36 Maya w/ Cataclysm Tree)
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But, on topic, I'd be for that.
I haven't made any characters yet.
Which one should I use first?
I was thinking either Axton or Gaige.
Gaige all the way. DeathTrap > Turret, and he has some mean buffs on him if you build your tree right.
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I went with Krege (hope I spelled that right) last night and got him to level 6 before I went to sleep. I'm still on the first location.
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I'm currently waiting for the Borderlands 2 GOTY to go on sale again for like 75% so I can save money and not have to spend $5 more to get everything.
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Does any one have a good support build for maya? right now I want to use something like this

Try this. I made a few adjustments to the build you posted: http://www.bl2skills.com/siren.html#055401055005505100003505510511

Thoughtlock is my second favorite ability in the game but in my experience it tends to piss other players off because it doesn't stop enemies from moving, so if you want them to appreciate your support go with regular phaselock. I also moved some points around to give more power to healing.

The other major change was Blight Phoeonix. This ability barely does any damage in higher levels, even maxed out with a COM. It's more useful against melee enemies because they always get stunned for a second or two whenever the run into its range. This will save you from psychos (especially the armored ones) if they catch you off guard but it's a bad idea to rely on it for damage. You should either go with Flicker or Immolate instead, which are both more useful than Blight Pheonix.