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Character Damage/Metergain Chart


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May 29, 2015
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I made a spreadsheet recording and comparing the damage and metergain each character can get for 1 bar off of a light starter solo (with no character specific resources). Character specific combos are averaged out to try and give a more complete image of how much damage/meterbuild a character does. Note that this isn't a perfect way to examine a character's damage or meterbuild (eg some characters tend to land multi-hit starters, some are good at meter-dumping, etc) but it should hopefully be helpful for rounding out your understanding of each character.
I'd recommend downloading the excel file if you want to try the dynamic tables to look at the data yourself. There's a README page with more info/explanation in the spreadsheet as well. Here's the link to the spreadsheet.

If you have any questions, feedback, you notice any mistakes or you know about better combos (that meet the criteria), then feel free to ask or DM me. I'm going to try and keep it updated w/retail changes as well if possible.

But anyway, here's the damage chart (using damage optimal combos) and metergain chart (using meterbuild optimal combos):

Hey Lex great job on this (and everyone on the read me)! I was wondering if there was a way you could do something like this but for resets as well? It's probably really complicated but I'm very curious how meter and damage gets frontloaded based on those as well. I love stuff like this but I'm also insanely lazy

I'm not even sure what the parameters for how long a combo can be until a reset or quantifying which is better to do than the other across the entire cast and some really good stuff happens much later for some characters, where others (like big band) just do it in 3 hits, whether or not sliding knowdown counts etc etc
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Yeah, I've thought about creating something similar for resets but the problem is coming up with some kind of criteria that won't drastically favour certain characters over others. Like, do I set an undizzy limit? Do I choose resets that work at max undizzy (so they're proper vortexes)? Best I can think of is having several resets for each character (each fitting into a different category of reset) and then processing that data somehow to give an overall view for each character. I also don't really have the knowledge to pick out good resets for every character so I'd need to ask a bunch of people for advice.

All that to say, it'd be pretty difficult to do this for resets. Even so, I might still give it a go at some point cus it would be cool (and if someone else tries it then I'd be interested to see the results).