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Character ideas for game


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Dec 14, 2022
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Unknown Eliza Eliza
Name: “Plague” an ancient parasite.

Monster based on all species of real microscopic parasites and ancestor of such creatures like Samson, leviathan. Follows the concept of parasitism itself.

Takes inspiration from invasive parasites such as flatworms, ticks, mushrooms feeding on plants and many symbiotic organisms that feed on nutrients to grow stronger.
  • No known gender.
  • Composed with a combination of natural, remote and synthetic parasites to make up genetic function of its body.
  • Source of parasites related, unrevealed origin, feeds on Theonite.
  • Created by Trinity goddesses long ago in game’s timeline to share connections with the skullheart and somehow banished. Either to be an alien species that exists outside the earth or imprisoned deep within the dark chambers of Gehenna.
  • Horrifying mythical creature described as a mutated giant snail with grown parts of a kraken, sea serpent with many heads, parasitic giant arthropods.
  • Based on mythical creature, Lou Carcolh and pandemic, Black Death of France, Kaijus.
  • Irrelevant appearance compared to most humanoid characters.
  • Slightly refers to cut characters during the game’s development. Examples include Bahamut, Spiderlegs, etc.
  • Depicted as particular boss character that can absorb health from the player, shapeshift into different forms.
Analysed design of character, picture doesn’t belong to me: Image owned by https://www.deviantart.com/killosaur/art/Lou-Carcolh-838833028

I’ve made some research on major parasites to develop my character found in animals which plays an important role in many others of the game which are Protozoa (Mastigophora), Helminths (flatworms, roundworms) and Ectoparasites. There are also parasites found in bugs and plants.

Link on my research is found below.

Let me know if you have any further suggestions.
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I have an original character I want to post but I am not done with the drafts yet. I post when I'm finished.
Ok, I finished the concept drafts for my original character and I want to give a sneak peek before I can fully post him (his "companions" too).

Original character
"Al Grimson: Struck by tragedy and (mental) hardship from his past after a fateful day involving his would-be 'inner demon,' , Zebul, Al Grimson continually keeps himself afloat from falling into self-destruction, feeling swayed by both Zebul and the straitjacket (living weapon) he is strapped to, Opium. Despite the negative influence, weariness, and gravity of the situation he is currently in (and felt), Al avoids giving up the best he could and fight tooth and nail to ultimately gain what he wants: peace with himself. He seeks honest self-improvement to gain happiness but regrettably compromises with Zebul and Opium to unfairly plow through situations he himself couldn't get through. He fights not only others but the negative influential forces swaying his thoughts and actions (to a lesser degree if he willingly lets them control him). Overall, Al Grimson is an imperfect but endeavoring man, struck by the worse circumstances he couldn't control and sometimes let happen, but trying his best to improve himself and avoid whatever ever leads him to self-destruction. He strives for peace with his sins and living in whatever makes him truly happy."

And now to introduce his 2 "companions"

Zebul: "Born (made) accidently from the 'meddling' of the trinity, the artificial entity, nicknamed Zebul (true name is [REDACTED]), was later unjustly casted out of the Trinity's plane of existence because they simply didn't like Zebul. Feeling betrayed and hatred, Zebul became the adversary of the Trinity, first making his own plane of existence called 'limbo', then thwarting the plans of the skullheart by influencing the candidates (though this happens only if Zebul has the chance to and if he is in the physical world). To do this, he possessed an unnamed synthetic parasite, which resembled a single sperm that varied in size, which has the ability to convert dead materials into flies. With this synthetic parasite, he set out to find a host he wanted and later came into contact with Al Grimson, whom he tried manipulating by promising (tempting) him what he wanted if Al complied to what Zebul wanted first. When Al submitted to Zebul, Zebul 'put him to sleep before puppeteering his body to do want pleases Zebul. Zebul's other ability to corrupt any existing property in the realm of reality makes him dangerous to encounter, as he is shown to not care about the well-being of anything he harms, including Al Grimson. Zebul is the antithesis of skullgirls' theme of women and as such, Zebul dislikes females because of their subserviance to the skullheart. Zebul is overall an apathetic, artificial entity with a grudge against the Trinity and downplaying others that think higher of themselves.

Opium: "'Made in Dragon Empire' (not really) by a weaponsmith under the request of the ASG Labs, Opium is a prototype designed to secure, contain, and 'protect' the wearer by injecting them with appropriate drugs to help fight the wearer's impulses from their respective mental illnesses and restrain them if necessary. Like any prototype, it came with a few flaws like 'malfunctioning', misunderstanding commands, and tightening its iron restraints a little too hard, which were made observable by it's only wearer, Al Grimson. Its flaws were then amplified indirectly by Zebul, which made wearing Opium unbearable for the wearer. Opium has no will of its own and serves as an extension of the wearer's thoughts. it is sentient but its expressions only reflects the wearer's feelings. It is durable (even more so if it restrains the wearer) but its interior is fragile, making it easy to break out of if not for its belt straps. Its belt straps are tough, can elongate, and can latch on to anything. It is also retrofitted with the ability to produce pollen that becomes addictive to anyone that comes into contact with it, courtesy of Zebul's influence. It is overall a living weapon designed as a piece of wear for the mentally ill and as such, it treats the wearer with drug methods to suppress what it deems their urges, sometimes to no avail. Its faulty design, indirectly affected by Zebul to dangerous degrees, earns its nickname 'The StraitTrap'".

These are the general bits of each character so far, but more info will be added when the finished drafts are posted. Feel free to reply if you want.
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Very cool & Interesting concepts for additional dagonian fish! I wonder how their appearance will translate into Skullgirls lore, they look pretty advanced! Dagonian fish warriors perhaps?
My character would also be based on Apophis, god of darkness that threatened Egypt and being a creation of queen lamia who was based on a country at North Africa, Libya. For the blockbuster attack, this creature would take control of Grendel’s dead body as it’s host using its parasitic shell and obliterate its opponents out of the way.
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