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Character Level Up and Daily Missions Guide (WIP)


Feb 28, 2017
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Eliza Filia Cerebella
Best stage for levelling up gold characters

Story > Who's the Boss? (Expert) > Downtown > Tap on the stage at the far right with the 3 mystery opponents

Each fight requires 2 energy points and winning gives 2600-3100 XP, this is by far the most efficient stage to level up gold characters. The opponents have relatively low fighter scores and are easy to defeat, once your gold characters are strong enough you can just enable fight assist.

Currently, my "weakest" gold character (Armed Forces Cerebella) has a fighter score of around 4400 so I get about 2600-3100 XP per win. Since each fight only requires 2 energies, I can replay this stage up to 5 times with full energy and get a total of at least 13500 XP. This is more than winning from the last expert stage in the game where you have to fight 2 powerful Cerebellas, I've tested and compared that stage with this and I believe this one is much safer and more efficient. With Armed Forces Cerebella accompanied by 2 bronze characters, the total FS was about 5700. Winning that stage gives around 4500 XP but since the stage requires 3 energies per fight, you can only replay it 3 times for a total of around 13500 XP. But that stage has a higher risk and also requires 2 other low FS characters for it to be effective. With my most powerful gold characters, I get about 3200 XP per win on that Cerebella boss stage. So if you do the math, this easier stage where you fight 3 lower FS opponents turns out to be more efficient overall for high level gold characters and is the safest for low level ones.

Best level for completing the daily mission that requires you to win against a team of 2x-4x your fighter score

Story > Going All In (Expert) > River King Casino > This stage

The opponents are easy to defeat with a max level bronze character. I recommend Cerebella or Filia since they're easier to do infinite combos with. One thing you have to watch out are the Egret Dive and Noise Cancel moves they will use, if you get stunned by them it makes the fight more risky and you'll be more likely to lose.
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