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Cloudking plays people if they want to. (Kumite)


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Feb 18, 2014
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So yeah. I got bored and had fun watching Yaya's stream, so I decided to do this kusog... I mean kumite thing. Format is FT5, loser may switch. Would like someone else to stream and commentate, bc I would be playing. Probably gonna do 10 sets with people and then have 2 more if there are people watching the stream that want to play.

This will be on February 25th (Wednesday) at 7PM EST.

(Mandatory Shit talk) You all suck in the best way.

So yeah play me.

This will be on dekillsage's stream at 7:30

2. McPeanuts
3. Dawn 111
4. Domo
5. Midiman
6. Alexpi
7. Luna
8. Luweewu
9. Shadowstew
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Is february 25th good for you or no?
The wednesday after winter brawl? that should be fine. I get home at like 6:30 and I will probably want to eat food so like 7 or later works best for me.
@cloudKing211 I don't know if I can stream this. Since Saturday I've been having really bad problems with streaming where I'll randomly get disconnected from OBS then after it reconnects automatically it will start dropping tons of frames. No idea what's causing it and nothing I've tried has improved it. You will probably need to find a different streamer.
Word, alright that works. Since I'm not streaming anymore yeah go ahead and sign me up.
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It is indeed in pepperonis but I should have it fixed before this yo

Sign me up. You can finally avenge one of your EVO losses.
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If you need someone to stream it, I can probably do it. Though I'd prefer if it started a bit later (I'm sure west coast would too).
I'm going to bow out of this since my hitbox is currently out of commission and I just don't play as well without it.
I have work tonight til 11 >_< I didn't know my schedule over the weekend when I said I wanted to join this. Sorry D:
I am too spooked by the idea of going up against CloudKing. Bowing out.
More like sudden drinking plans. Also, DMV currently looking like runners.
can I cheer on the sidelines cause my roommate is asleep?
Starts when I get home unless someone who is home before me wants to strim this then they can ayyy see u guys in an hour