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Combo Cafe


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May 25, 2017
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Peacock Eliza
Hey everybody! I've had a Youtube channel for a while now, but never posted in the Skullheart Forums. I just recently made an account and I already have a selfish request. Currently I am trying to start a new series on the channel called "Combo Cafe." It's very similar to how Alpharad does his replay hut. ( If you follow the smash community. ) So I showcase combos made by fans of the game onto my channel, but I just need the cooperation of the Skullgirls community to make it work. Basically all you need to do is make a combo clip, and submit it to me through this email address:


If you want to submit a combo but don't have the proper capture equipment, then just email me the notations for the combo and I'll perform the combo for you.( I'll try at least ) Also add in your name with the submission so you receive proper credit; make sure the video has a resolution of at least 720p and that the in-game music is turned down. There are more details explaining the Combo Cafe system in the video.

Im not forcing you to do this. This is just a fun little way to show our appreciation for the game as a community, so you can choose to be a part of it or ignore it completely. Either way thank you for taking the time read this and I hope to have your help in the future!