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Combo Theorycrafter for Training Room


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Jan 19, 2015
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Big Band Cerebella
Think of an utility tool that searches possible moves that can be linked to a given position and creates a list from the calculations. For example, you do a ground chain with big band, lets say it's c.lk->c.mk->s.hp and the theorycraft tool eliminates the ground related natural moves from the list because s.hp is a launcher, but it doesn't eliminate the specials like take a train because they can still be linked, so the tool calculates that. Wouldn't it be awesome espically for beginners?(and dank/memetacular combo researchers)

Is something like this possible? or am I just dreaming again?
This tool is called your braaaaaaiiiiiin...

Edit : to be more clear :
If you are a beginner, you shouldn't be trying to create combos on your own, or if you do, such a tool would just make you slower at learning how the game works.
If you are a uber-duper combo-maker, you don't need such a tool, because it's already imprinted in your head.
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Yeah it's called spending hours and hours programming an excel file to call height data, weight data, damage data, scaling percentages, meter gain and loss, frame data, and location data. Basically it would require you to hack skullgirls to obtain all the equations and logic associated with every possible movement and position in the game. On top of all of that it would require a ridiculous amount of routines for every possible character combination (so to put that into perspective the program would be more in depth then the logic used in the game itself). Your more then welcome to try doing that. I tried to make a punish program that would call a move from one character and would spit out every possible punish for the character of your choice and I got 30 minutes into it and gave up. It's not worth it lol
I think this would be cool but its not really worth the amount of time you'd have to invest just in making art for menu screens and such to set it up.