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Who should be the next main character?

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With Peacock's Teleports and Double as a fridge, I use this mana to Sum...
You know what. Stonechimes, do what you want. I'll donate the mana your way, may it help you in your endeavours. You've already done so much, just wouldn't feel right to summon you again.
Though you know i TOTALLY could with these MAGIC HANDS!
And I'll agree with others, seeing this thread get bumped got my hopes up again. They definitely have something of an audience.
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I mean, I didn't actually leave you know.


Most of my hobby time is spent on making music these days. But we'll see about those comics.
Looks Starcrafty, but that's all i got.
Whoa those are some dope comics
It seems that most of the earlier links are broken.

yeah. I stopped using A lot of other photo sites when they started to get salty about users. One of em didn't even email me when they went "Oh hey, we are now Pay to use Only!" and deleted everything I had.

kidding, all according to plan.
Legitimately only reason I logged back in, glad to see new adventures.
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Would you mind if I leave a list of suggested comics? That way, if you ever feel the urge to draw but can't think of what to draw, you have a starting place. If this is too presumptuous, let me know and I'll delete this post.
Does Eliza go to a cell phone store or a mason when her tablet cracks?
How exactly does that sash stay in place?
What's her policy on hecklers at her club?
Since Parasol seems to be pissed at Eliza "stealing" Umbrella away, has she ever dissuaded others from befriending Umbrella in the past?
What "romantic" spots has Beowulf attempted to take Scythana?

More to come maybe?
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I'm alright with that. One of the reasons I stopped drawing these is that I simply don't have many good ideas left.

No guarantees on delivery on any of these though.
Now, it's a new year
We're done with holiday cheer
Stonechimes, comic plz

Broseidon's Summoning: Now with 100% more Haiku formatting
And people being disappointed that this thread is being updated as part of a summoning ritual rather than an art update.
While I would love to see more comics, I think we should let stonechimes do as they please. Specially an old topic such as this.