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Compiled beta changes: Eliza to Beowulf

Now updated with the 1/10/15 changes!

Just to be super clear, I made this for Lab Zero so they can quickly proofread and post an official log on skullgirls.com with a patch. This is the same sort of first draft that I've done for every major patch since console Squigly. Now that it is public, making it complete and error free as possible is the most helpful thing we can do!

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can someone update this, pretty please?
I was slackin' for the last week, but everything is current now!

Keep in mind that Beowulf changes aren't in here because this patch represents his first version.
On Double's changes:

"s.LP start up improved to 8f from 11f."

c.LP received the following changes:
Damage reduced to 200 from 325.
Start up improved to 8f from 11f."

These happened to s.LK and c.LK instead.
Please leave any comments and corrections as replies to this thread.
In the Fortune section, "Fixed Fortune's body from getting a corner push back effect if the head hits with various attacks. Thanks to Stuff." is posted twice
Might want to change the replay player info to "Also shows inputs and hitboxes by hitting LK and LP respectively" instead of saying that it doesn't show inputs, because it, well, does.
These are basically final and official now and awaiting a post on skullgirls.com!
Well I'm not paying attention!

Thanks for getting my name in the L0 credits, Render :O