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creating a ranked client


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Jun 29, 2016
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To start off, I've already created a psudo ranked ladder of sorts in the form of a discord bot called duffladder, and I was looking to expand on this idea even further. The largest complaint I have recieved is that qm is simply less work, and that if I wanted something more promising I should make a standalone client. I had the idea to go to the end of replay files and to use ocr to see where the LEADER text is. This would allow for a service to consume replay files and know the identity of the winner this can even be normalized by changing the stage to training mode or something to prevent hard to parse visuals.

What I am asking for is a launch command that will open the end of a replay or just more robust tools for loading into replays on startup that can be run on a server

additionally for this to work there would need to be a launch command that boots u up into your default lobby settings this owuld be a great feature but isnt strictly required to get this implementation working.

the client itself would queue you up and have you match with others. It would send you a lobby link or have you boot a lobby with the above functionality. everytime a replay saves it will send over to the server to be verified and cross referenced with ur current steam name. with a robust enough steam client implementation you can start creating ranks for people who dont even use the client, and a transparent ladder is always something i think is worth working for,