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[Dec 20, 2014] St. Judes Children's research hospital charity (Online)


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Feb 23, 2014
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On Saturday 12/20 I will again be doing another charity stream for St. Judes Children's Research Hospital for twelve hours straight!
Starting at 12:00pm to 12:00am est
The link to the stream is HERE (Also if your afraid that you'll miss the time my suggestion is to follow)

Our initial goal will be $100 and if we reach it the goal will be $200 so on and so forth.
There will be prizes for reaching milestones in the charity drives such as:
Individual prize: Every $1 will = to converted into 10 FB, stream cash, (FunkyBucks: Which is going to be used to join in raffles to pick out teams and palettes, vote, also to wager on matches as well)
Stream wide prizes:
Every $50s - Giveaway raffle for a free game from many humblebundle library, (This is so All $ in this goes to charity)
$50 - Raffle to create a weapon or item in Super Skullgirls RPG
- Raffle to create another Bad fanfiction easter egg in Super Skullgirls Rpg
- Choose, (vote) if we play Skulldate! (And I'll have a FunkyBucks raffle for who we date)
$300 - Raffle to create your own character in Super Skullgirls RPG!
-"I don't know if this is final" (I will dress up wearing a Spiderman mask, batman cape, Luigi cap, and wolverine claws)
$500 - Choose, (vote) whether or not we learn what my real first name is! (No one knows the secret yet. On the first stream people finally found out what I look like. Now you can learn my name!)
$500+ - ???

So as you see I don't have every prize put out there, so if you have any ideas for prizes tell me here!
If you want to support this cause and Skullgirls you can always give me any extra copies of the game you have and I'll give them away in place of the Humblebundle awards
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I'll be there. I'll scrounge up some money to donate as well.
What kinda stream is this exactly?
Just wanna let you know, a new Skulldate will definitely be ready in time for the stream (providing McRad is also prepared with his portion).

Also, I'd really appreciate it if you not stream Skulldate any time before 4:00pm est, since I'll be out and wouldn't be able to attend.

EDIT: just to be safe, make that 4:30pm
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What kinda stream is this exactly?
It is going to be a stream where I play Skullgirls for 12 hours straight and raise money for the St. Judes Children Research Hospital Foundation to help children have affordable free care and to fight Cancer!