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Dingodiles's Skullgirl perlerbead sprites


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Sep 22, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Peacock Fukua
(I have since made the double sprite myself, see below, so this is no longer relevant)
Some of you may or may not know that a while back Skullgirls released a April fools joke claiming that they would release a version of Skullgirls on SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color system http://skullgirls.com/2012/04/skullgals-coming-to-handheldgaming-systems-in-early-2013/. I have been editing these (adding color for the most part) and making perlerbead (beads that stick together after being ironed) sprites with them in their neutral positions (standing). Most of theme have been fairly simple to edit minus Ms. Fortune and Cerebella which need a lot more editing (i haven't started on Parasoul yet but that shouldn't be too hard), which leaves me with Double. In the picture containing Double she's in a blocking position which is fairly different from her neutral position. This gives me very little to base a major change off of like I have with Ms. Fortune, Cerebella and eventually Parasoul. I'm not super great at making sprite art so my request is that someone make a neutral double (monster not nun) sprite in the Neo Geo Pocket Color system style like the others (although adding the right colors would be nice). Now i know beggars can't be choosers but i kinda need it to be roughly the size she should be in her sprite form compared to the others in their sprite form. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would do this for me (...and i mean if you wanted to do big band, Eliza,Beowulf and Robo-Fortune while your at it no ones stopping you.....;3)
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This has nothing to do with your request, but Lab Zero has said that they will be making a Skullgals mini-game. They said that they actually had standing idle animations for all the characters, but would be withholding them until a later date (either release of the mini-game or until a few characters are fully done, I don't really know). So... if you wait for an undetermined amount of time, they'll show up at some point (though it may be after IGG stuff is done, even though they implied the work was massively easier than Skullgirls work).
Well at least i know sprites of some sort will be out eventually. Mind you if their not in the Neo-Geo pocket style it would more then likely clash with the style of the other one's I've made which wouldn't be so great. Plus I'm impatient and don't think i could wait that long :P
So it's been a while that this post was up with no luck so far. So I thought I might "inspire" someone to do this more if i showed my other perlerbead sprites. So here they are.

After a bit i decided to do it myself and with the help of my friend i finally made double!
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