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Drop in the UOTS for weekly lobbies!


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Sep 3, 2013
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UOTS stands for Unofficial Official Temporary Skullheart. Confusing name, I know. Let me explain.

It all started as a thread on the steam SG beta forums. Half a tribute, half a temporary substitute for the then defunct Skullheart forums. It later became an entity of its own, a full group for players of all levels. Where newer players could come to play with each other or to spar with more experienced players willing to teach them a thing or two. Where experienced players could help others progress or fight with a challenge-worthy opponent.

Generally, a Skullgirls-themed place with a helpful, non-hostile atmosphere going to it. And that's what is is to this day, only bigger. Forums might not seem overly active, but that's because, typically for places like that, they're just an add-on - the chat is where the life pulses. Since regulars consist of people from various parts of the world with different schedules and whatnot, it's active just about all around the clock.

You may also recall UOTS from the weekly Skullbats EU PC tournament that's being held there every Sunday. If you're from Europe or have a good connection with European players, feel free to drop by! Buuut, there's a dedicated thread for that. This is for something else.

Getting to the point of the thread, I'd like to inform about and invite you all to weekly lobbies that are organized in the UOTS chat on Saturdays. Lobbies can be expected to start around 12 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST; GMT -8). The starting hour is an estimation, if there are people in the chat earlier who want to play, we may start early, we may start later if it all starts a bit slow. You know how it is, it isn't an appointment with the president (not that he isn't allowed to drop in).

Mods keep things civilized, control traffic + invite players to lobbies of appropriate skill if there's a need for that, while the chat makes up for the lack of a build-in chat that some would like to have in lobbies.

Needless to say, the group and chat are also open otherwise on any day and hour. Come one, come all, have a blast!
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And so it lives.
It liiiiiiiives.
And salt and horror.
And me.

That means putting up with all the other losers is worth it.
Make love like a saber cat!
Join UOTS now!
UOTS is now partners in crime with Slapfest new event will come out of this!
So I'm new to all this but this sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. How do I join?
So I'm new to all this but this sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. How do I join?
Go to the steam page, there should be a link to join there if you're logged in.