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Steam - Windows Drunk Zidiane Kumite (October 29th)


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Sep 6, 2013
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Rhode Island
Hello! I'm doing a kumite. I don't think it's tradition to set up your own kumite. Usually you gotta adhere to the kumite hierarchy and go through like peanuts or Kai or something, but I'M MY OWN MAN and this is my kumite. I'm gonna be playing some games, I tell you what! A bunch of them! I'm going to be inebriated, and taking sips after each match, through 10 whole FT5 sets! On the SG Beta!

I'm holding the event this Saturday, the 29th of October, at 7 PM EST, so if you wanna participate just post below. You are not under obligation to drink with me, but feel free to suggest a drink if you want to.

Only rule is we gotta have steady connection, so US players mostly, and I guess Canada. If the connection is too bad well damn, we'll just find another player.

List of participants:
1.TheFatMan Kyugetsuki
2.Magma442 Rabblefingers/Rabbleflaggers
9.Drunk Dhoppler

This will be streamed on twitch.tv/kpblive so come through on Oct 29th for some good times. I probably will have someone commentating with me.

Just in case you aren't sold yet, apparently I'm a much more solid player when I've been drinking, so this may be your last chance to see TRUE ZIDIANE play.
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put me in coach
I don't think I'm doing anything sure put me in. if something comes up I'll let you know ahead of time.
Be sure we are friends on steam. My steam currently is "Zidiane", it'll be "Drunk Zid" when it's time to stream.
I would like to participate if you dont mind, we had an okay connection before.
I'm down for this. I'll play. This should be fun
Oh man, over halfway full already. I thought maybe a week wasn't gonna be enough notice.
Alright put me in coach
Excuse to drink this weekend obtained.

I recommend many (reliable) substitutes
One spot open, then we're in backup territory.
Drunk Dhoppler?
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Alright, we're all booked up. Any backups interested?
I'll be backup if we have decent connection.

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Reminder that this is soon
i have something that just came up. sorry i have to dip.
Okay, no worries.

We had one backup, so we're at 10 total still. Any other people wanna be backups? Something probably will happen and one or a few of these guys may be unavailable.
Magma dropped out too, so now we're at 9. Hmm. Maybe we'll just run a "however many we get" kumite.
Alright, cool. We're up to 11 total willing to play.
Hey. I know it's short notice, but I'm really not feeling up to this today. I'm pushing this back to next weekend. I'll update the OP in a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Since this is pushed back to the following weekend, I'm out. Maxout and all that.
Ugh. Hmm. Maybe I'll just reschedule altogether and find a better nonconflicting time.

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Well, after Maxout is GUTS. After GUTS, I'm taking a break.
Oh yeah, I gotta practice for GUTS. I probably should avoid the Beta till after that anyway.