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Duckking Live The Redecking The Reducking Alpha Male


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Feb 20, 2014
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Cerebella Double Parasoul
Hello! I am here to let this thread know that duck is hosting with his boyyi yyi boi cloudkong the king kong and they hare hare have hareing that the tournament is tomorrow in the sometime in the afternoon and i'm making this thread because duck has full faith in my opprotunity to spell orreclty in the idea that my setnerce structing is decent enough for people to want to go to this tournament for everyone will have lots of un something about combo breaker will reel commentary fun cloudking +_ Duck tounrmane.t

Please refer to the Duck that is going to post a challonge leak after the tournament is over he will be able to redirect you to the challonge link once the tournament is over i mean what before the etournament starts he will link a link for everyone to partake in.

-best of 3/5
-Cloud and duck commentary
-all bulble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able body patron in the barn (barn)
-as far as I know, duck wasn't really useful in the information but I think everyone is avabile to be a patron to particapicte
-Have fun it will be tomorrow

-tomorrow as in 2/12
-sometimes in the afternoon
-heres the link that he just posted to me at 8:13 pm west coast time not east cost or midwest come on guys we all know this is the right time get it irhght west coast best coast ugh ha
-http://challonge.com/DuckKingLive there's the link
-make sure to be there to sign in to the tournament wnever the thing says I haven't licked on it yet.
ok ok ok I have the rules that I see here now
-three of out five way all the way
-playing on the best way to paly the game that is beta as of currently until beta is no longer beta
-Computer only
-If win no change character you can move order and or assistinace when needed
-Please dont be no out of state city licker I mean north ameran only please I guarantee your connection sucks
-Cloud cannot play in this because its literally NO WIFI and if your'e connection sucks we're assuming you're wifi and
0-no wifi


www.twich.tv/Duckator go here for the tournament when its starts feburarsy 12, 20176 at 1pm eeast time sai_2017-02-11_20-22-50.png
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3/5 all the way

Playing on beta

PC only

Don't change characters if you win (order/ assists are ok)

NA only

Don't play on wifi

February 12, 2017 1:00 PM EST
Despite how this looks this is a real tournament.
Matchmaking will take place on the https://www.twitch.tv/duckator stream chat.
There will be a special prize for first place.

After the tournament, we're doing runbacks. So if you lose and you're not happy about it you can get a chance to get your revenge.

Also, this is starting an hour later than the thread says it is.
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One more thing, if you run into quick match in the bracket you have to play someone on quick match in retail. That is your match.