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EC VS The World 10v10 @ Combo Breaker 2016

How about veteran combat then?
results for those who couldn't watch?
I believe this is the accurate Log:

Socks vs Fuzzy_Snugs
Lethalmind vs Fuzzy_Snugs
LazyDiablos vs Fuzzy_Snugs
CloudKing vs Fuzzy_Snugs
Keninblack vs Fuzzy_Snugs
vs Fuzzy_Snugs
McPeanuts vs Hirokuni
McPeanuts vs 159Man
PME vs 159Man
vs 159Man
ShadeMoneh vs CaioLugon
ShadeMoneh vs WingZero
Adeveis vs WingZero
vs WingZero
SonicFox vs Yaya
SonicFox vs Duckator
Sonicfox vs Elda Taluda
Sonicfox vs Swiftfox-Dash
Sonicfox vs Liam

East Coast wins 10-9

EDIT: Fixed cause I was missing some of them.
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Fuzzy also beat Kenin I believe
Shade beat Caio
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i don't remember who he fought but there's only 9 team world people on there, i think the last one ended up being yaya? idk where he was in the order though
I wish EC played better overall, but a win is a win.

If we ever do this again we'll make sure its not as close ;P

On the real though s/o to this being the hypest thing on the main stage the entire weekend(???)

Lit thank you all sooo much <3