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Escape Infinites Training Options


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Sep 4, 2013
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Cerebella Filia Parasoul
Hello. Throwing this in a new thread because the "Post your last suggestions for Skullgirls Encore here!" thread is closed and I think this is worth mentioning.

I was trying to practice a setup in training where I did a single hit that triggers IPS. If they didn't burst I'd follow up with a special that may or may not be blocked. If blocked I could follow up further. The problem I was having is I don't see a way to make the training dummy randomly burst on only the first hit of IPS/Undizzy. Currently the only options for "Escape Infinite Combos" is: Never, 1st hit through 10th hit, and Random. Random is the option I want but as far as I can tell. I cannot force the dummy to randomly burst on only the first hit. It would seem that the chances of the dummy bursting on only that single hit would be very low because the Random setting appears to consider more than just the first hit as a chance to burst on. I hope that makes sense. If it helps I can make a video showing what I'm doing and trying to practice.

We already have the ability to set the specific hit the dummy will burst on (Never, 1-10, Random). What I'm looking for is the ability to set the chance that the dummy will burst on that specific hit. Perhaps something like having two options in training mode. One being "escape infinite combos" with "Never, Always, Random" and then another option such as "escape on hit" with "1-10, Random" as options.

It's too late to add this as an option, but there are two ways to do it with the features we have now:
1 - As you pointed out, just setting it to Random will SOMETIMES burst on the first hit. That technically does do what you want, just not 50% of the time. :^P
2 - Record two dummy recordings, on Recording Number 1 just do a very small wait->button press->end, and on Recording Number 2 just the small wait. Put Playback on Once, set Recording Number to Random. Now when it plays back a dummy recording it'll either hit a button, or not, then the recording ends. (You do need to have the blank recording so it has a second one to choose from.) Change Select Button to Save/Load State, and save the state right before (or on?) the hit that you would like them to burst. Now change Select Button to Both, and when you hit Select it will load the state and play a random recording, so it either bursts that hit, or not. If your recordings are short enough, when the recording ends the dummy will go back to being a dummy and the Block settings take effect, so you can put Block on Random also and there you go.
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