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Ms. Fortune Fanart


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Oct 21, 2017
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My fanart of the character Ms. Fortune,people seamed to like it a lot so i decided to also post it here :D
Come over and check out the rest of my gallery,maybe you find something else to your liking ;)
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Very good! it's always curious how people treat the seams on her limbs. you went for a more "bony" approeach,right?
Thats how i remember it being so i just tried to replicate it of the original art :)
Neat drawing you have there! You seem to have followed the colour scheme pretty nicely.

Although letting people know about your art page is fine, but anything that advertises for your profit is against the forum rule. (Just letting you know, no need to panic.)

You're free to post all your work in a single thread, so don't be scare to post more!

Will look forward to seeing more artwork from ya!
Thanks :D
And okay didnt know,thought letting people know where and how to find me wouldnt hurt :)
and this is the only skullgirls art i have...so far :P when i do more i will be sure to post.