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[Feb 28, 2015] NorCal Battle Opera #1: "We're Finally Back" Edition (San Carlos, CA)


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NorCal Skullgirls now has a place to play again. Myung has offered to let us run monthlies every 4th saturday of the month. There is also a ton of Third Strike happening here this weekend if you want in on that.

The Venue opens at 7pm. We will try and start the bracket between 8pm and 8:30pm. I'm thinking we could meet up for dinner a bit beforehand as well. There's a lot of food places nearby~

2/3 up to all finals, which are 3/5
Double Elimination
Round Robin if less than 7 entrants
All Characters and Stages allowed
Winner is locked into their characters and assists, but are allowed to change team order.

If you've never been to gamecenter before, please read the following:

FAQ. Newcomers MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS. Everyone who comes is responsible for knowing the information posted in this comment:

Pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/p80siAjv

0) What's the address for this place and what are the policies?

Read the first post in this thread:

1) Is anyone going to be there XX day/time?


2) When's CaliBurst?

3) When's Dogfight?


4) Where's all the money going? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah8C7YYIFKHLdGhkaURwR0Q4T19yRmpJclI4d0c1N1E&usp=sharing#gid=0

5) Where's the trash can?

Out the back door, there are 3 bins (for bottles, cans, and other garbage respectively). There's also a small bucket for emptying all liquids into. Please empty your drinks into there before throwing away your cups. Please leave empty glass bottles on the top of the freezer/fridge.

6) Can I bring my friends here?

Sure, so long as they read and agree to this first. You are responsible for anyone you bring over.

7) Where can I park?

Street parking is free and plentiful. Do NOT park at the appliance repair store next door. They will tow.
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Where the fuck is this though? I see no address.

EDIT: wasn't that place closed, or was there a grand reopen?
Where the fuck is this though? I see no address.

EDIT: wasn't that place closed, or was there a grand reopen?
It's in the FAQ.

Myung has reeopened it as an office space. He talks about it in the first question.
1. I understand now.
2. Holy fucking shit Myung is a genius awesome person.
3. I should read shit.
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