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Filia's Historical French Soap Opera Adventure

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Sep 2, 2013
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So an idea popped into my head a few days ago, so I decided to write this synopsis thing.

Okay, so this takes place in France, around the early 1800s. Napoleon times. When Filia was just eight years old, her parents died in a tragic horse carriage accident. Because, y’know, cars hadn’t been invented yet. It was a very traumatic experience for her. Samson became her guardian for reasons and inherited Filia’s parents’ estate and possessions. Her parents were pretty well-off. Unlike in SG, Samson in this story is actually a supportive and caring parental figure for Filia, doing his best to help her in these emotional times. Another important person for Filia during all this is Pierre, her closest friend who would eventually become her lover.

Fast forward a bit, the two are in their teens now. 16 or 18. Somewhere around there. All Filia can think about is living a happy life with Pierre, but she and Samson are kinda running out of inheritance money. Meanwhile, Pierre has always dreamed of joining the military to fight in Napoleon’s army and do his part to bring glory to France. Filia is super against this, but she can’t argue against the fact that neither of them are capable of sustaining a relationship in their current economical states. Pierre leaves to join the military, promising to marry Filia when he returns. Filia is super sad and crying.

A year passes. Filia and Pierre keep in contact through mail correspondence. Filia’s financial predicaments get to the point where she has to start selling off her parents’ possessions. She grabs a bunch of her mother’s old jewelry and tries to sell it off on the street. One guy takes notice and is a little suspicious that such a pretty girl is selling such nice jewelry. She gets angry at this guy and blurts out that her late mother’s jewelry wouldn’t be fake. After mentioning something so personal, Filia runs back home in embarrassment. Waiting for her back home is a letter from the military, mentioning that Pierre has been killed in action. Filia is super sad and crying again.

The next day, Filia gets a knock on the door. She finds that it’s the same guy from yesterday. He introduces himself as Claude, and tries to convince Filia that he isn’t some creepy stalker guy. It turns out that Filia accidentally dropped one of her late mother’s jewelry, so he tracked her down in order to return it. Claude can see that Filia is obviously upset about something, but not knowing a thing about Pierre, he assumes that he is the cause of her discomfort. To make up for that, he invites her to dinner at some fancy sass restaraunt. Filia isn’t sure, Samson goes full parental mode, thinking that Claude is only taking advantage of Filia in her emotional state. I mean, he already tracked down Filia to where she lives, who wouldn’t think that he’s creep? Claude leaves apologetically, leaving Filia his address, in case he wanted to contact him and hit him up for that dinner date. Filia’s actually thinking that he might not be a terrible person, but she is totally not over Pierre after just one day, and Samson knows this.

After a few more days of sulking, Filia finally decides that she can’t be doing any of that anymore and sends a letter to Claude, saying she would totally like to hang out. The two of them have their dinner date, during which she learns that Claude is a pretty well-off guy, being the son of a merchant, and he’s a genuine gentlemen to boot. Filia and Claude continue hanging out with each other for a few months, which eventually blossoms into romance. Claude asks for Filia’s hand in marriage. At this point, Filia has not mentioned anything to Claude about Pierre. Filia isn’t so sure at first because of her lingering feelings for Pierre, but then she realizes that Pierre isn’t coming back, because he died in Egypt or some shit. She agrees to marry Claude and have a happy life with him.

Some time passes and it’s now only a month before the wedding, when Pierre returns to Filia from being dead in Egypt. It turns out he never actually died. He just got lost or something. And it took him a long time to get back. But yeah, Pierre comes back because he promised to marry Filia after his return. Filia is super relieved and happy that Pierre came back, but also super worried because she’s kinda already going to marry Claude. Pierre asks Filia to run away with him. Okay, now this is a stupid idea. Pierre is broke and Filia is soon to be broke. Neither of them has any idea how that’s going to work out for them. But Filia’s lingering feelings for him overpower any sense of logic, so she agrees to it. They vow to meet each other somewhere at the edge of town before the break of dawn tomorrow.

Filia arrives at the meeting place, but Pierre isn’t there. She waits there for a few more hours, but he never shows up. Filia is extremely sad now. She runs back to Claude and tells him everything about Pierre, about their history together, how she thought he was dead, and how she was going to run away with him. Filia almost betrayed Calude and felt that it wouldn’t be fair for him to love someone and not know anything about this. Claude is extremely confused by this whole plot dump, but for some reason still loves Filia and still wants to get married, so long as Pierre is out of this picture for good.

But what happened to Pierre? Well, he was totally waiting for Filia at the meeting place at the appointed time. And she totally did arrive, they made out and then ran off somewhere. But it actually wasn’t Filia, it was Filia’s evil doppleganger, Fukua. Her whole existence is to make Filia’s life miserable for no particular reason. While we’re at it, Fukua killed Filia’s parents. Yeah, this plot twist just keeps getting twistier. So Pierre and Fukua hang out for, like, a few weeks maybe before Pierre realizes that Fukua isn’t Filia. I don’t know, maybe Fukua doesn’t have a birthmark on her shoulder that Filia totally does have, and that’s how he found it. So Pierre gets the hell outta dodge and runs back to Filia. However, this was all according to Fukua’s plan. This is gonna cause a shitstorm for Filia like she wouldn’t believe, which is just the kind of thing an evil doppleganger wants to happen. Fukua’s a huge bitch.

So the wedding between Filia and Claude is totally about to go down. Their friends and family are all in attendance. Claude’s got a normal people filling out the pews. Filia’s friends are the entire SG cast. In suits and dresses or some shit. Just as the wedding is about to reach its conclusion, in comes Pierre bursting through the chapel doors. He wants the wedding to stop, but Claude is like, “Dude, what the EFF is your damage?!” (Except that should be in French.) The two have a very loud, verbal discourse. Filia is super stressed out over this giant drama induced shitstorm that she faints. She is rushed to the hospital.

Outside the hospital, in the conveniently dramatic rain, Claude and Pierre continue to have their discourse, which turns into a fist fight. Claude tells Pierre he is the worst boyfriend ever and that if he really loved Filia, he wouldn’t have left her the first time. Though Pierre could have argued that he needed the money, Claude had an undeniably good point. Pierre left her not once, but twice. He realizes that it would be pretty selfish of him to ask her to continue loving him after all that bullshit. He concedes to Claude, and asks him to make up a story to Filia. To tell her that Pierre never came back. That he did die in Egypt. And that whatever she thought he saw was just images of her still lingering thoughts for him. With that, Pierre finally leaves with no intention of coming back this time.

While this is a good thing for Claude, he knows that it never would have come to this if Filia didn’t harbor feelings for him. Like, she thought he was dead for years and still loved him, that kinda bond has to mean something. Claude decides that if Filia still has feelings for Pierre, he will step aside and let them be together.

Filia regains consciousness and sees Claude at her bedside. She tells Claude that she thought she saw Pierre at the wedding, but wasn’t sure. Claude asks her if she still loves Pierre. Filia stops to think for a moment. Pierre was there for her during those dark times after her parents passed away. In that sense, Pierre became her light, a beacon of hope for her. She couldn’t believe that Pierre would leave her forever, that he would die serving the military and never come back to her. Filia wonders if the Pierre she saw recently was only a figment of her imagination, because she couldn’t accept that he would leave her. But as far as Filia is concerned, that’s what happened, and it’s time for her to let him go. Filia tells Claude that she did love Pierre a long time ago, but those times are over. But after saying that, the pain of finally letting him go causes her to breakdown, clinging to Claude.

It’s a few years into the future now. Claude and Filia have gotten married. After seeing Filia happy and satisfied with her life, Samson has regressed to being just a normal head of hair. Which is good, because who wants to have something like that when you’re doing that nasty? Yup, Claude and Filia totally did it, and now Filia is cradling a child in her arms. The whole family has got some kinda shop set up in Paris and they’re living a nice life together. Pierre manages to find the shop completely by coincidence. Although he looks older and scruffier, Claude recognizes him immediately, but pretends not to notice. When Filia see him, however, she helps him out with whatever he’s looking for, like any good proprietress would do. After concluding their business, Pierre leaves without much to say. Filia didn’t recognize him at all.

What'd you think? Hopefully this has convinced some of you that we need a Historical French Soap Opera voice pack for Filia in the future. It'd be fantastic. It totally would.
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