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Filthy Casuals?


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Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Skullheart

I've been tossing around the idea of a group made for matches between anyone who wants to play.
The main point is that they would all be super casual matches, where the focus is on simple enjoyment. For example:

-You think to yourself one day, "Gosh! Whenever I'm put in a defensive situation I just mash super instinctively. I should really stop doing this, even if it works sometimes"
-You decide that this new rest idea could be really cool, and want to test run it on a human player
-You realize that your go-to in most situations is j.hp, and would like to figure out what your characters' other buttons do
-You thought up a totally impractical but cool looking combo, and want to try it in actual play situations
-You want to see how certain buttons affect certain characters differently
-You'd like to get practice against a character that you never play / have trouble with
-You want to get some practice in with some new characters
-You're tired, and just want to play some chill SG games

So you hit up your fellow Filthy Casuals, get in a game, let them know what you're trying to work on, and the two of you see how it goes. You can get instant feedback in a relaxed environment.

-The key points-
Communication is essential. You've got to be willing to be vocal with chat or a mic.

You've optimally got most of the concepts of the game down, and are comfortable with / can apply what you've learned from the Tutorial.

If you're feeling salty (you hopefully shouldn't), step back and think about your play. Learn to change your play-style to stop what bothers you. Help your teammate if they're feeling salty.

Respect is a necessity; no tbagging or taunting (unless you play a character that gets a legitimate powerup from a taunt and it is used at a reasonable time during a match)

Be willing to work through other people's goals. If you or someone else wants to stop during the match and practice something, you've got to be willing to do that.

It seems like only part of the community would like a group like this, where the focus is less on winning and more on playing.
Is there any interest for Filthy Casuals?
isn't there already like a million different groups for this sort of thing?