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Fizzxwizz's Fugazi Tournament for the Fight For The Future


Sep 4, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Unknown
This wednesday wednesday wednesday at 6pm PST (west coast time) I am going to be running a Fugazi tournament, entry is free but the cost is your pride as person who's really good at Skullgirls.

It'll be streamed at twitch.tv/fizzxwizz

Only one team allowed


Only two assists allowed

Titan Knuckle and Fugazi Knuckle

Hitting with anything that isn't titan or fugazi knuckle results in a free hit for the other player.

You are allowed to do anything as long as it doesn't hit the other player and you are only hitting with Titan and Fugazi Knuckle.

Alpha Countering is allowed

Tagging is not allowed

T-bagging and taunts are encouraged

Palette color coordination gives bonus points.

Matches are 2/3

The rules and regulations are on the challonge page here.

This is going to be my first time running a tournament, so input would be appreciated.

Since its single elim and 2/3, every match will be streamed because its easier to monitor chicanery that way. There may or may not be a mystery prize depending on how many people enter the tournament, and I may be willing to consider letting players in GF or top 4 choose their own music.

I have no plans for commentary besides myself and whoever might be in my room, if anyone wants to commentate I might see about getting a million billion people yelling at the game in one place, see how that works out.

If by some miracle a bunch of people show up to participate, I might need to not stream EVERY match.

Also if a bunch of people somehow show up, I'll have to change the winning stipulations to ft1.

Wager your soul by responding to the thread saying you want in and I'll put you in.

Lemme know if I'm missing something
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Can't seem to sign up through challonge, so sign me up
I fixed it for real this time cause I'm a big dummy. If you guys want to re-sign up for some reason I'll get rid of the ones I put in.

Also I'm considering moving this back to 6pm pst that way EC can join/watch and also sleep. Lemme know if this is a good idea or not.

The signup page should be super fixed now in my previous post as well, but here it is again.
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I've made an executive bad decision, and have decided executively that if I manage to get five or more total people for the tournament, I will do grand winner prize for the fugazi champ, and bad game giveaways featuring big spinny chance wheel for people that lose and/or people in the stream that know the lore.

When a grand total of two or more people enter the tournament, that is when the 60fps 720p Hot 2d Knuckling Fugazi Fight Tournament With Giveaways, prizes & Knuckles

Tell your friends! Tell your mom! Tell your friend's friends that you don't know very well because you don't talk often because you only ever see each other when you're hanging out with your mutual friend and you don't really know much about each other so it would be awkward and you don't really have anything in common! Tell your mom! Tell that guy you fought on quick match that thinks they're better than you at fugazi when you know you weren't actually trying but they don't believe you also there was some lag and the rollbacks sucked! Tell Mike Z!
Dmn, Got stuff tomorrow night so can't join. Still, DO IT. And if you come to CB, i'll MM in it.
Also personally Drop you
if you actually bump the time back I'm in there
Unless there are any objections, the tournament will occur two hours earlier, at 6pm pst. Hopefully that sounds good to everyone, but if it doesn't lemme know.

Also I plan to load up the game with a bunch of dumb stage mods so expect certain stages to look super dumb.
The Fugazi title is as good as mine.
Congratulations to you your champion meanie @Luweewu


Heres your belt.

Thanks to everyone that watched and got the lore questions right.
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