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Focusing Community Turnout at SG Tourney Events

For combo breaker $50 is fine. $60 would be the limit for me though since I'd like to enter a bunch of games.

Frosty is fun, but it lives up to its name. I hope they fix their heating problems for the future. I haven't talked to the organizers about that, but I'll be sure to do it soon since I forgot too.
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RE: Food prices

Guys, there was a Wal-Mart right across the street, which is less than half of the distance from the rooms to the actual venue.
you're from new england i have faith in your cold resistance
Old people don't handle cold weather well
this is true. My old man complains all the time about the cold, for him it has to be around 80° for him to feel comfortable.

but hey Frosty and Combo Breaker seem to be the two Big Tourenys that everyone is aiming at. that's pretty good.

i'm just thinking that maybe if people still want a small SG tourney in the Philly area i think some of us can try to set something up. idk.
I mean, people can still go to Big E stuff, I don't think anyone is telling anyone else not to go.
right but, if we can make a better option for people other than BigE, wouldn't it be worth it to give it a shot?
I hope Frosty 2017 continues the trend of someone pulling the fire alarm, forcing me to go outside in Chicago in January with no coat

Biggest lesson I learned from last frosty: Absolutely bring and wear a coat

Second biggest lesson, don't get Chinese from that one local place, it was baaaaaaaad
If you live in the Philly area by all means go to Big E stuff. I live like 6 hours or something from Philly and in practice the drive takes like 8 or 9 hours, so I'm probably gonna sit them out.
omw. eyeballs emoji
i'm uncomfortable with all these eyes staring at me
That's a nice graph ya got there :3

Interesting you using the Filia ultimate sprite for the corner there. It works, just feels funny looking at it in that diamond lol
Forgot to post this here after I couldn't find a SoCal thread, but a few days ago (probably in response to the SRK article about the open letter) I was tweeted this:

I know it's not a major, but still thought it'd be worth sharing.
Just looking at a map real quick, it looks like it's about an hour away from Salty. Any chance those guys would be interested in going? @Mike_Z
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We already went there, before. It's a NICE place, but it's $10, really far for most of us, and closes early.

We have Game Realms, which is treating us AMAZINGLY.
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Not sure who handles the front page, FF has a $1k pot bonus now
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Already on it. Thanks.
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How would you guys feel about picking another major to focus attendance on in the future, like Kumite in Tennessee or Texas Showdown?
How would you guys feel about picking another major to focus attendance on in the future, like Kumite in Tennessee or Texas Showdown?
I've heard TONS of great things about Texas Showdown, but SG has a pretty minimal local presence there (sorry TJ and Dante). On top of that, it takes place smack in the middle between NWM and Combo Breaker.

Kumite in Tennessee is around frostys right?
Kumite in Tennessee is the same time frame as Frosty Faustings, yes.

If I remember correctly, some players tried to make KiT and TFC work for SG a few years back, but the meager support they received was typical of how Big E events regarded the game. Things may have changed, who knows.
Thanks for the feedback guys. In previous threads discussing community organization, a big topic of conversation was which events are ones that are locked in and that we should support. The general consensus is that for 2017 is we have/had:

Frosty Faustings
Revolution (I would assume, but I'm not sure if it's confirmed yet)

@mcpeanuts has stated that GUTS 2017 will most likely not be returning in 2017, and as of now SG is not an official game at NEC

That's 4 locked in majors for the largest region in the world for fighting games. That's kind of a low number all things considered. Going forward, I think it's going to be just as important to market ourselves to new majors as much as it is to continue to support our locked in ones. It's why I brought that stuff up.

Expect a new thread to further discuss that topic sometime in the very near future, but for now, that's an important discussion that's worth having.
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Just let me know if anything ever happens within 1-2 hours of Philly that doesn't have Big E involved...
Shouldn't we have something California being that there are so many players there and even a popular local? Is NCR the test for this?
I'd say we have two majors in the midwest (Combobreaker, Frosty) one in the Northwest (Northwest Majors), and one in Southeast (CEOTaku).

There's no official presence in the Northeast or California right now which are really important regions for fighting games. It's something that needs to be talked about.
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I'm helping run an event in upper NY in July. It's Defend the North. If you're on the east coast you should make it out! I'll be running SG so it will be all gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
Skullgirls at DTN? Sounds sick. I'd be down for a Cali major too.
I'm really interested to hear which Cali major the SG community thinks we should rally behind. I've gone to a lot of tournaments, but I've never been to one in that region.

NCR is having a side tournament for SG and is part of the SG tour. SCR is the other option. There's been talks about having some sort of larger scale Salty tournament. I think the sooner we get this discussion on this and get the ball rolling, the better. California has the largest SG weeklies in the country but no official regional presence for the game yet.
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We definitely need a Cali major. There's a lot of us here, and we're itching for a major near here. Nor Cal Regionals and So Cal Regionals haven't been good venues from what I heard, either due to venue size or lack of support, but I'm not too knowledgeable about that: I just know that it hasn't really worked well. Nor Cal Regionals only has about 12 entrants for this weekend, and I haven't entered because I've heard lackluster things for SG support there despite being like 3 hours away. I know if we focus our efforts on perhaps something else, we can make it happen. The numbers are there.