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Fortune and teams?

Been playing Fortune with Valentine and Mortuary Drop assist. I didn't notice how mobile Valentine is, with a double jump and sort of air dash. I use Mortuary Drop because it complements headless well, especially now that they have to deal with either being hitgrabbed, hit, or assist grabbed, and if you zoom in a corner after you can continue a combo. A big plus is you can link a level 3 Dismember with a Level 2 Dead on Arrival if the head is grounded.
Something I meant to try was can Beowulf chair assist give fortune meter less throw conversion?

Probably won't be her best assist in neutral, but I think the low hitting chair could help push the head and would compliment her tricky high/low, left/right mixups.
reading this thread makes me think i am the only person who uses fukua M shadow for fortune. the space control is insane and you can set up some really funky looking resets with it. i havent even tried using H Drill since ive gotten so much mileage from shadow.
Napalm Shot (H) is a great zoning assist as headless fortune. It cuts down on head cool down and the tear is really great for pressure and catching people unaware. Big plus that it cuts through most of peacock's shenanigans. If you interchange shots with zoom you can effectively keep the head near the opponent.
I am starting to pick up ms fortune for my team so I am going to ask what could probably be a good assist for ms fortune to have with fillia using updo?

since you got updo you need some sort of lockdown assist or something along those lines. you prolly would want some thing that can control air space like M shadow or horus dive. depends on what characters you plan on using actually.
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I think I might go with Cerecopter since I have quite liked that assist and I do like cerebella so I will see how that goes.
That makes sense given that it does seem to leave her quite open at the end, thanks for the advice @Dreamepitaph.