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Fortune Teambuilding Advice


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Sep 27, 2013
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Filia Ms. Fortune Parasoul
Hey all, been a while since I really posted on here, keeping track with more than one online community is hard. I haven't taken Skullgirls that seriously since a bit after Eliza came out, but I still like playing, checking out videos, etc. Lately though it seems like I've been noticing a trend in my play and results that's made me take pause and think more critically about how I play this game. My team of preference for the past 3 or so years has been Fortune(H.Fiber)/Filia(H.Hairball), which was basically x-copied from one of Khaosmuffin's teams. At the time I thought it had pretty sound logic behind it, but when I thought about my recent play I'm rethinking if it's a right fit for how I play the game right now. I'll try to list the reasons why I think this team is strong, as well as it's weaknesses and what it's missing.

- One of if not the best assist synergy with Headless Fortune in the game. H.Hairball consistently moves the head forward while keeping it active, letting the head shield the assist. This also serves as a method of moving the head forward without any action cooldown, letting it act as soon as the assist ends and it lands.
- Can act on it's main strength (Point Headless with Filia support) very early in the match, Fortune can land a simple combo ending with Furserker with a late head cancel to stay safe.
- Good DHC synergy; both members can wait until the final hit to DHC, have good unscaled damage options like low Feral Edge->Tricobezoar.
- Decent crossunder escape options with Fortune's run and Cat Slide, Filia's sweep.
- Fortune and Filia have air mobility, special, and super options that help them deal with air resets.

Team is poor defensively. H. Fiber is one of if not the worst DP assists in the game. Doesn't hit opponent in a way that makes following up easy, Filia's air movement options limit how much she can do to follow up.
- Assists can't help against projectile pressure. Fortune or Filia are on their own when trying to navigate projectiles.
- H. Hairball isn't a good defensive assist.
- No safe DHCs on block with either member (thanks Mike for not giving Fortune that head recall super)

- The conditions for activating this team's full potential (Headless Fortune with H. Hairball assist) are specific and require me to get in->land a combo into Headless transistion, which isn't always easy when taking into account the other team's possible neutral defense and my team's lack of neutral defense with no defensive assists at match start. Other teams may already have no restrictions at round start because their team doesn't require a transition in order to be effective at match start.

Possible Improvements:
- Add a 3rd team member with a defensive assist. This member would likely occupy the last spot so as to not interrupt Fortune and Filia's DHC synergy.
- Change Filia's assist to Updo. This would let me retain the damage/health of a 2 ratio but remove the main focus of the team.
- Change Fortune's assist to Cat Slide. I don't have enough match experience with this assist to know if it greatly helps Filia, I didn't notice a large difference when trying it. It also has the risk of being completely useless if Fortune is switched or snapped out before going Headless.
- Just make a new Fortune team. Who knows with this one, I'm open to trying any character I guess, but I have the most experience with Parasoul and Eliza.

I wrote this as a writing exercise to try and think critically about how I play fighting games. I'm also not the most well-versed on Skullgirls tech and discussion, so if I missed anything I might not have known about it. I know that fighting game forums are drying up with twitter and discord ruling the roost, but I'd appreciate any feedback about my thought process here and how I might improve.
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If you're worried about defense, you can always just stay as head-on. Head-on Fortune has amazing defensive options. The team can be very effective without going headless.

The best 3rd for your team would probably be Big Band (L BE) or Double (L Bomber) though Para would also work (Pillar). Band and Double are good anchors and you get a DP assist with semi-lockdown, Para isn't a great anchor but she's serviceable and you get a DP assist. None of those help you against zoning but Fortune (head-on) and Filia are good against zoning due to their mobility and crazy pressure anyway. Double gives you a safe DHC but Band and Para don't (well, Para's safe from some distance).

Another potential Fortune assist is HK for lockdown, I don't think it's that good and I'd stay with H Fiber. If you are head-on then H Fiber makes a great alpha counter which should help with the defensive issue.

Also, if Fortune gets snapped out then she goes headless fyi.
Also, if Fortune gets snapped out then she goes headless fyi.

I knew that she goes headless when getting hit during some stuff but couldn't remember what.
As for head-on v. headless stuff, headless Fortune is just more fun for me. I play a good amount of head-on, but my process when writing this was to think about how to address a specific team condition for headless.