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Forum Rules 2.0

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Skullheart Forum Rules

Global Rules
- No Defamation and/or Personal Attacks
- No Threats of bodily harm
- No Quoting Embedded Images and/or Videos
- No Repeat or Duplicate Topics
- Descriptive Thread Titles Only
- No Badgering/Harassing Anyone
- No Misuse of the Report Function by reporting things that don't break the rules

- No Offensive Images (Avatars Included)
Including but not limited to:
Innuendo Images
Extreme Gore (excessive blood, showing innards of a body, mutilation, etc.)

- No Media in Profiles
This rule includes signatures, personal profile descriptions, and related fields, but does not include Avatars.

- Make threads in the proper subforums.
if it doesn't belong anywhere, it doesn't belong on Skullheart. If you believe the thread should still be made, please contact a moderator for advice on where it should be placed

- No double-posting.
You can edit your latest post to address other people or add onto what you were saying, so you shouldn't ever need to make several posts immediately after each other.

- No Duplicate Accounts:
you can change your name or make a new one and use that instead, but don't make a bunch of dummy accounts to increase your liked posts or add posts to a thread or anything of this nature.

- No Opinionated Threads:
An opinionated thread prevents reasoned arguments because of irrefutable positions based on opinion.

Opinionated thread - Painwheel is a terrible character and should be removed from the game.
Non-Opinionated thread - I believe Painwheel is a bad character because...

- No Trolling
Any thread created with the sole intent of trolling, shitposting, or antagonizing will be immediately deleted and the user tempbanned at the moderator's discretion.
Definition of Trolling:
To intentionally disrupt, deviate, or derail a thread away from the original topic or into a non-topic, or
to purposefully upset the users engaging in discussion by posting remarks that are detrimental to the discussion at hand.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Passive-aggressive backhanded remarks
Blatant mockery
Inappropriate and/or unrelated Image Macros (see "Blatant Mockery)
Empty Insults
Empty Posts
Ad Hominem (personal attacks)

- No Whiny/Drama Threads
Do not make a public spectacle of your own personal issues. Message the relevant party PRIVATELY or just deal with it on your own.

Example: Making a "Delete my account" thread.

- Please refrain from overusing text formatting options.
This includes text size, italics, bold, color, etc. Using modifiers for emphasis or formatting is fine, but large swaths of text in a unique format for no purpose is not permitted.

Example: Posting large walls of text in a bright colour, or a large text size.

- No Advertising
Advertising is anything that asks for money or services for the purposes of conducting business or initiating a trade between two parties for mutual benefit.

Example: Asking/begging people here for money for your crowdfund project.

Subforum-Specific Rules

Skullheart Hub Rules
@All Mods

Skullheart News:
@Flotilla, @Fizzxwizz

Skullheart Forum Inquiries:
- See Global Rules

SG Gameplay Rules
[B]@Mr. X[/B], @Midiman
- No Image Macros

Tournaments and Matchmaking Rules
@keninblack, @Dolfinh
- When posting a recurring event, do not keep making a new thread for the same event. Just move the date up in the existing thread.
- Tournaments as "Events" 1 month recurring minimum
- Events Tab Rules: Events may only be posted as events that show up on the events tab if they recur monthly or longer.
- Steams Tab Rules: If you're not playing Skullgirls, change the name to the game you're playing. Multiple, frequent, and/or intentional offenses will get your channel removed from the streams tab.

If a mod has to go into your chat and ask you to change the game, please do so as soon as possible or your channel will be removed.

Dr. Avian's Lab Rules
@Mr. X
- No Image Macros

The Gallery Rules
@Nevins, @Smile, @WayForger

@Nevins, @Smile
- Posting of NSFW images is allowed but they MUST be hidden in spoilers and marked as Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
- Outright porn is still banned.
- Artists can have one post dedicated to showcasing their art, but ONLY Skullgirls art is allowed to be posted.
As this rule was instated long after some artists had already posted non-Skullgirls art, some threads will still contain that art. No non-Skullgirls fanart is to be posted after the creation date of this thread.

- See Global Rules

Non Gameplay Character Discussion:
@Nevins, @Smile
- No gameplay discussion for existing, planned, or in-progress characters
- Please ensure your posts have actual content to them.
This sub forum is not an echo chamber for people to say how much they like a character. Please actually try and promote discussion of the character.
This is also not an off-topic section just to talk about anything with fans of the same character. Keep your discussions about the character.
- Please be considerate of other forum users when giving your opinions of characters.
This works both ways. Excessively professing how much you like a character can actively disturb members of the forum just as much as saying how much you dislike a character.

Skullgirls' cast covers a wide variety of ages, some very young. Age of consent varies from country to country, as does the acceptance of the representation of fictional characters in media. While you may see nothing wrong with saying how attractive a 14 year old computer game character like Squigly is it can be profoundly disturbing to others.

Just the same, attacking users for their opinions is unacceptable. If a dispute arises over how a character is being discussed a moderator will decide if it is acceptable or not. The mod's decisions are final.

MadMan Cafe Rules
[B]@Number 13[/B]

Miscellaneous Skullgirls Discussion
@Mr. X
- Only post in this subforum if the thread you want to make doesn't fit elsewhere on the forum.
Do not treat this subforum like a general discussion forum.

Other Fighting Games, Off-Topic General
@Number 13

Subforum rules overwrite Global Rules if specified. Otherwise, global rules apply everywhere.
Rules not listed in global rules apply only to the specific subforum assigned.

If you have an issue with a thread, post, or user, please direct your concerns to the moderator under the subforum the issue is taking place.

Mods in bold are the lead mods for their subforum.

Technical Forum Issues and Questions
[B]@Vadsamoht[/B], @worldjem

Administrators listed here do not moderate the forum, but instead manage the technical aspects of it.

- Offences are to be dealt with according to the severity of the offense and the nature of the situation.
- Mods are to always warn the user first, unless the offense is, or becomes, severe enough to warrant a ban.
- Mods are to notify the offending party upon issue of warning or ban and to include a reason for why they were warned or banned
- Offending posts are to be edited only and only deleted under extreme circumstances such as pornography, spambots, any major breech of the rules or for organizational purposes (such as if there are so many offending posts that it affects the readability of the thread)

For infractions given on offenses that don't include posts (such as an inappropriate avatar) mods are to include the reason in the notification message when you go to warn the user.
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