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General Character Discussion Rules

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Aug 31, 2013
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@WayForger and @Cellsai are the moderators, for this section, so please contact us if you have any issues with anything in this here.

Please remember that there are rules in force over the entire forum. Please read them here:
(please note, the rules are in flux right now as the forum changes, so check back once we've announced they're final. Rules in here ARE final though)

There are specific rules unique to this forum however.

This forum covers two broad topics:
  • Discussion of non-gameplay aspects of playable characters.
  • Discussion of any aspect of non-playable characters.
If you want to discuss gameplay aspects of characters that have been confirmed to be part of Skullgirls' playable roster, please take that discussion to their gameplay sub forum.
You are free to discuss any aspect of non-playable characters in here though - that includes speculation of what those characters might play like if they ever do become playable.
  • Please ensure your posts have actual content to them.
This sub forum is not an echo chamber for people to say how much they like a character. Please actually try and promote discussion of the character.
This is also not an off-topic section just to talk about anything with fans of the same character. Keep your discussions about the character.

  • Please be considerate of other forum users when giving your opinions of characters.
This works both ways. Excessively professing how much you like a character can actively disturb members of the forum just as much as saying how much you dislike a character.

Skullgirls' cast covers a wide variety of ages, some very young. Age of consent varies from country to country, as does the acceptance of the representation of fictional characters in media. While you may see nothing wrong with saying how attractive a 14 year old computer game character like Squigly is it can be profoundly disturbing to others.

Just the same, attacking users for their opinions is unacceptable. If a dispute arises over how a character is being discussed a moderator will decide if it is acceptable or not. The mod's decisions are final.
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Please note that this forum currently requires a moderator to check anything that is posted before it appears. Please don't worry about this too much. It's purely there to screen troll posts and thread derailments which plagued this forum after it was opened.

This forum has now been updated so you no longer require your posts to be checked by moderators before they're posted. Instead, if it's decided you are being disruptive to a thread you will be banned from posting in that specific thread. The decision to ban someone from a thread is at the moderators discretion.
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Should add that gameplay discussion for released characters doesn't belong here.
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