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general parasoul reset options for beginners

I prefer cHP jLP jLK jMP, land.

After you land:
You can dash under them for a cross up, late dash into them for a fake cross up.
You can grab and air throw them, or delay a light for a frame trap.
You can dash under them and air throw them.
You can dash under them and also use f.LP/cLK for a high low if they are respecting you.

You just have a lot of options when they are stuck in the air, and if they don't have an air super, it's hard for them to punish Parasoul.

If you're doing 'sHP sHP xx Shot, sLP sMP xx LK Egret'...
Every character in the game can reversal you if they think you will go for High/Low/Throw.
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Thanks. =D

I am kinda practicing parasoul right now, and i only know a combo and a couple of things, so i was looking for some resets. Thanks a lot!
So, i should use those if i don't have assists?

Yes. Any of those resets (along with skarmands) are fine. Mine is a bit finicky for reach on some characters but has a lot more options than what I put down. Mine can also be mashed out of via tag or super.
skars can be double jumped out of though as well as air supered... Nothing's perfect. Mine and skars are very low execution so use whichever you prefer at first then learn others.

At the end of the day, mixing up not only your resets but also the points where you reset will get you further than just knowing a really good mixup point and doing it over and over again.

Resetting in the air is more powerful than resetting on the ground in general because the opponent won't be able to call a defensive assist till they land, and the opponent can't tag out of the reset either.

But ground resets can really take people by surprise if you do mostly air resets. So mix it up :)
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