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How do I pull off the octopus move?


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Sep 13, 2013
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I've done it by accident a few times but can't seem to replicate it. I'm using a Rock Candy Xbox controller.
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or 360 LP+LK

Presuming that "the octopus move" is what I think it is

P.S. Start(Pause) > Command Lists > Current Character
Tells you the inputs for all moves of each respective character
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wait hold on!!! The octopus move???
Petition to MikeZ to forever change Fukua's grabs to the octopus move
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there are movelists and tutorials, cmon :(

for the default controls on 360 pads it is :QCF:/:QCB: (X) and (A) for her command grabs which is referred to as :LP: and :LK: respectively, also her normal grab is just (X) and (A) without holding any direction, and her level 5 super is :360: (X) and (A)
If you mean Fukua's move that looks like this:


Then it could be any one of four different grabs which make use of this animation.
  • Grab (LP+LK)
  • Tender Embrace (Quarter circle forward, LP+LK)
  • Inevitable Snuggle (Quarter circle back, LP+LK)
  • Head over Heels (LVL5 Super: 360, LP+LK)

And as people have pointed out above, you can view the move lists ingame in the pause menu! Teach a man how to fish etc etc.
By the way, the default mapping for LP is X, and for LK is A. On this forum (and in the PC version), we rely solely on what button is mapped to that action instead of what the defaults are on that System. I'm sure you already know the buttons, but I'd want you to be extra sure.
LP is X
LK is A
MP is Y
MK is B
HP is RB
HK is RT
A1 or Assist 1 or Ensemble 1 is LP+MK or LK+MK by default
A1 or Assist 2 or Ensemble 2 is MP+HK or MK+HP.
TH or Throw or Grab is LP+LK

I hope this is informative to you