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How to deal with beo J.HP?

When you are up close when he does it, jump into it while blocking. This will put you on the ground and out of blockstun, making it so that you recover before him, putting you at advantage or even allowing yourself to punish him. For squigly, you can do battle opera(the orb super) to get him while he does his attack. Cerebella can use excellebella and can use her armored moves. Some things Beowulf players like to do to make your life harder is to try to hit you with the tip of the chair to make it harder to punish or use an assist. There is always the option of using a move that comes out before Beowulf's
Block the move in the air.
When you land from blocking, you instantly recover and can do whatever you want, making him unsafe.


Unless he has an assist coming in right behind him, he is forced to do Blitzer to stay safe if you land cancel his jHP, which forces him to retreat.
If Beowulf ever Blitzers towards you, know that it is never +, meaning you can always hit jab and you'll beat out any button he chooses besides his invincible options.
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Yo just Daisy Pusher that shit
yeah, he can reaction blitzer. SBO is a better response if you wanna spend meter. He can't do shit about it
Only on prediction. If he just jumps forward and blocks, he can land cancel and get a clean punish.
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