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IAD: Impulsive Air-dash Disorder

Update time.

After getting my ass beat by Fizzxwizz on Ron's tourney, I've decided to relearn Fortune. Specifically, her headless Oki setups. I also installed OBS Studio relatively recently so that I can record any future sets that I would take. Also, now that Gato Loops are no longer possible in Beta I'm looking to learn another HCH Fortune combo.
Update time.

After getting my ass beat by Fizzxwizz on Ron's tourney, I've decided to relearn Fortune. Specifically, her headless Oki setups. I also installed OBS Studio relatively recently so that I can record any future sets that I would take. Also, now that Gato Loops are no longer possible in Beta I'm looking to learn another HCH Fortune combo.
Here are my HCH combos;
HP, L Fiber
j.HP, ADC, j.HP, M El Gato
HP, L Fiber
j.LK, j.HP, M El Gato
MP, MK, HK, L Fiber
j.MP, j.HP
Dash, LPx2, LK, MP, MK, HP, H Cat Scratch, CSF
Does ~9.8k in beta I think.
Vs Cerebella the HP, L Fiber will always whiff so skip the HP in the third chain and add in M El Gato in the final air chain (I think this actually does more damage than the normal version).

HP, L Fiber
ADC, j.HP, M El Gato
L Fiber
j.LK, j.HP, M El Gato
HP, L Fiber
j.LP, j.HP
cr.MK, H Cat Scratch x3
LPx2, LK, MP, MK, HP, H Cat Scratch x3
~10.2k in beta
Here are all of my matches of today's Skullbats. I was a tad anxious so I dropped a fuckton of combos and setups and I did some stupid shit, especially on my onstream matches

A notable habit of mine that I want to break is autopiloting whenever I hit an assist. I also need to refine my setups and combos.
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I'll analyze matches a bit later but here's a quick rundown of what I saw in Round 2:

0:15 This is what people sometimes call a "scramble" situation. A lot of jumping and trying to get control. A possible thing you could have done here is remain grounded and tried to jab bella in the air! Even if it got blocked you would have some frame advantage. These kinds of jumping situations are things you can test in training mode> program a bella dummy jumping around trying to tag with you with j.lk. Test your responses to it. How about their assist calls? Would it be a better choice for me to backdash or do something that would let me create more distance? I think anytime you run into an uncomfortable situation like this it should be your goal to test the situation in training mode and find EXACTLY what your options are! In this specific situation you pressed j.lk a lot- try j.lp instead! That has a wider hitbox and its much easier to hit people in these kinds of scramble situations.

Test out these situations vs every character too- characters like Fukua or Big Band can be pretty scary in those situations.

0:20 Great first reset! Just be careful of resetting bella on the ground- but that was awesome.

0:25 A bit of a mishap but I saw what you were going for. As a different crossunder setup try something like j.mp j.mk j.hk(fastfall) crossunder jab! It works way better I think :)

0:28 I like j.lk adc j.lk j.mp but it's funky on bella and you weren't ready to confirm off of it. I'd suggest finding a quick way to convert off of it (s.lp should work fine and hit regardless of char/crouch/standing)

0:35 You could have had Bella right here, try only doing two hits of s.hk! It's way more consistent from any range and on any character

0:40 Nice incoming! Diablos used to hit me with that all the time.

0:45 Like the idea, but not quite the right reset. Contrary to bella, I think PW is a little easier to reset on the ground. If you wanted to do a crossup try restand instant j.lk adc j.lp > l gato reset.

0:49 I understand the idea, but s.lp would have been a better choice here.

1:00 You had 3 meter, I'm almost certain that a short ground chain into DHC 1 or 2 times would have killed her. It's always worth spending the meter to kill! Nice burst bait after anyway though

1:11 that was sick omg

1:20 this whole sequence while he was in the corner was pretty good, but remember that Jab into c.lk keeps them grounded. People love to upback on defense anytime they're uncomfortable- find normals that will keep them glued to the ground where you can make them eat their butchers blade game. I also think that it's better to go for airthrow sooner rather than later if they're upbacking a lot- even if they tech it, they're not going to want to keep upbacking.

1:29 could have killed, I think you just made a little execution error.

1:57 This range is where you like to fiber a lot. JMZ didn't really play to that, but be careful about relying on this option too much at this range. Don't underestimate fortunes mobility and groudngame. Look at other ways in- how would he respond to dash in max range c.lk s.hp(you can even combo this into Rekkas if you want!) Would it be better to try for airdash height approach? How about just neutral jumping and seeing how they respond? Test different things at this range- even if you mess up, it's worth it to understand how your opponent will respond to said things.

2:11 Fortunately it worked out, but just be really careful about your airdash timing.

I only have time to analyze this one game- my primary observation is cleanliness. You won, sure, but it wasn't super clean. Practice your resets and combos ( 2 hits of s.hk with fortune is a lifesaver). Spend more time in training mode to figure out how to handle scramble situations like against his Bella early on.

For cleaning up bad habits, spend entire games PRACTICING not calling assists or relying on autopilot habits. What I mean by this is literally go into a game and say "I am not going to mash autopilot assist" and focus on that sole thing- EVEN if it means you will lose focus on the rest of the match and lose more. It's necessary to clean up said habits.

Your fortune looks solid- and with some cleanup I know it could be really strong. I get the sense your hands get kind of stiff when you play in tournament- I had the same problem. Relax them. You'll have better dexterity and be more calm.
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So now that I have time to record and upload matches here are some notable matches from the past weekend.

Skullgalz Showdown


Thanks for the thumbnail, Youtube.
Shoutouts to Triv for that motivational speech.
No Round 4 because my opponent left early.
Right now, I'm looking to learn Parasoul so that I can get a better matchup against her. I got most of her BnB's for the most part, but where I struggle is the neutral game. I'm also struggling a bit when it comes to hit confirming and when to use Tear toss.
Now that I've gotten used to Shadowplay, I've decided to showcase my uploaded videos from yesterday's Skullbats recorded from Shadowplay. After going through the process of recording and uploading, I've decided to stick to OBS to record gameplay. I'll probably still use Shadowplay if I'll ever stream in the future, since it's much less CPU intensive compared to OBS.

No Round 2 because my opponent was AFK.

Looking back at these matches, some things I've noticed are that I tend to struggle at doing dash inputs in the middle of combos as Parasoul. As Fortune, I have a tendency to not confirm c.MK into s.HK because I'm used to doing s.MK instead of c.MK. As Eliza, I often do IAD j.LK into j.MP instead of j.HP causing my confirms to whiff on standing characters. I also have a habit of doing c.MK into s.HP (2) into M Khat even though that doesn't work anymore in beta. A general trap that I fall into is that I sometimes don't PBGC properly nor do I utilize PBAG enough.
Right now I feel as though I've hit a plateau. I still have this general habit of not calling my assists enough. I also have this habit as Fortune of not properly chaining from c.MK because I was expecting s.MK to come out. I can't seem to consistently setup the Butchers Blade assist as Fortune and especially Filia because my opponent jumps out of it. It doesn't help that I don't have much time to find someone my level to play practice with.

So for now I'm thinking of using s.LP x2 in neutral and calling Butchers Blade after the first jab and in certain cases use L Cat Scratch or even risky moves like L Updo plus calling Butchers Blade assist.
After 6 months of "hiatus," I've decided to bring back this thread. In the time I spent between then and now, Here are the things I've done:

  • I've decided to drop Fortune and Eliza from my "main" team for the time being. I've always felt that playing with Fortune/Filia/Eliza lead me to create some bad habits in neutral. Speaking of which...
  • My Filia has remained relatively the same. I've decided not to drop her because I 100% like they way she feels when playing as opposed to Fortune and Eliza which I 75%-80% like the way they feel. My main issue right now is that I tend to autopilot a lot in neutral, which is something I have to work on.
  • I've decided to play the classic Val/Filia/Double team. When playing Valentine and Double, I don't autopilot nearly as much as when I'm playing Filia. I just need to put more work on Valentine's neutral and resets and I'll be good to go for now.
  • This is something minor, but I'm having a little trouble deciding on a Valentine assist. I'm torn on either the lag vial load assist, H Bypass assist, or c.MK assist. I'm currently testing out all three of them.
Small update, again...
I'm putting Val on hold and putting Fukua back. I did this mainly because I want to focus more on my Filia again. I also did this because with my current team order, I feel like I'm a lot more comfortable playing the trio out of order.

Here are some replays of the matches I had against Showuramen during winner's finals and grand finals of Be Gr8 a couple days ago.

I really feel like I could've played this a lot better. Honestly looking back at grand finals the mistake that I regretted the most was going for the duo. It's especially regrettable because with how the previous matches went, I feel that I could still manage to win with trio.

I probably would point out a lot of the mistakes I made during both sets, but I'd need another person to catch things that I missed.
Update 12-02-2017: The Reboot

Right now I've dropped Fukua and went back to Ms. Fortune. I always felt that when I'm playing Fukua I have a very little grasp on her buttons and I'm not opening people up as much as I want to. As a result, Fukua becomes the weakest link on my teams. I've also been told this by a few other players, so it wasn't just me being too hard on myself. And I feel that this change is for the better.

Now that I picked up Fortune/Filia/Double, I'm getting much better results. But there's a couple of things that's been bothering me a lot lately. My overall consistency has been sub-par; there would be some instances where I perform really well, but then there would be others where I just choke horribly. My second problem is that against certain players my strategy would just be shut down completely, causing me to crumble.

I've been told that in order to circumvent the first problem, I would have to play sets against different people in order to build more experience and consistency. I've also been told that for the second problem, I would have to just record all my matches, lab out the specific part where I'm struggling and ask myself "Why am I being shut down? What other option can I do that could work in this sort of situation?"

Right now I'm having a hard time actually applying those sorts of methods right now because they would require a significant time investment which I can't comfortably afford given my current living conditions. Hopefully when my situation is resolved I would remind myself to fully commit into doing them.