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Ideas on punishing H teleport with projectile and assist?


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Sep 22, 2013
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Realizing this might need a different thread but this is what I'm referring to

This is very helpful! (and probably in need of a different thread, my bad)

[I was wondering what someone would do in the case of 5HP LnL H teleport but also that's probably best in another thread but that punish seems a little harder or maybe I can't wrap my head around it but I can't seem to jump back and hit Peacock consistently which at least for me seems to be the most you can do when 5HP or similar is in the mix (not L george since it's slower so you can back dash) Seems to me like this is limitied to characters with the ability to reposition in the air or have a normal that hits backwards since the don't auto correct on normal jump but also I have difficulty when it comes to labbing, I'm really bad at it]

But overall the concept itself works, thank you. Also Mr Peck from 7 years in the past, thank you.

If anyone with the will to lab this out for me or already knows what characters can do what in this situation (and other h tele set ups since I don't know them) I think it'd be a great idea to log them somewhere more visible and easy to sort through.

So far all I got is that upback before 5HP hits you and then falling with a normal (with very specific timing, varies by character) is a novel concept and it works but it's hard, it's easier if you have something like flight or an air dash but it can be a little harder if you don't. Since normals don't auto correct on the first jump (non-super jump) unless your character has a normal that hits from behind and scales well you might have to settle for something less damaging but hitting peacock in the first place is kind of a godsend so it's nbd
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