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Steam - Windows Inconsistent MP / MK menu actions


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Sep 19, 2013
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Eliza Filia Cerebella
I recently built a custom hitbox with a Brook Zero Pi board, and I've found this weird behavior where the MP and MK actions will be inconsistent. For example, you search for a quick match and decide to back out during the search. Normally you'd press MK, right? But on my hitbox MK won't do anything, and it's MP I have to press. So here MP is acting as the cancel action. But if a match is found and I want to back out, it's MK I have to press, and MP will actually act as confirm.

I tested this out with keyboard and on keyboard MK is always back out, so this seems to only happen with my hitbox. I figure brook boards are common enough that you could find more people to help test this. I honestly have no clue what the issue could be, but I can help out with any testing.
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