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Inquiry/Theory on AI

The toast

Oct 19, 2015
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Burnt Freaking Toast
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I have done some minor testing, and would like to ask some others if they can confirm or if they can agree with me, but I am almost certain that the AI patterns of Skullgirls will change based on the skin the AI has.
For example, make a team of three bots, (you can play whatever you want against them) have the first two random it doesn't matter, then make the third the 5th skin for double. If you do do this you can clearly see how much the bot spams it's Luger replica and it's level 1 car. Now do the same thing but make the double the default skin, it should now be a pretty difficult rushdown style of Double. Now change the Double to skin 20, it should be a Double that tries to rushdown but drops it's combos a lot.
I noticed this after doing a lot of practice matches against robots that whenever I'd fight against the same skin no matter all the other variables that same skinned bot would play almost exactly like it did last match.
Mike Z confirm/deny? Am I Just going crazy?