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It been 3 month and there no sort of stability patch for the vita version!


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Apr 7, 2016
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Im so sadness by the lack of support the game currently getting on the vita version, yet i know nothing has been changing in the land of SG no balance update or new character , but the vita version has been left as this ugly glitch looking mess of a game.

i avoided play after the first 3 weeks in hope a patch would fix the trophies bug i got and report and the UI get a slight chance so my eyes dont bleed reading text but nope. it evo weekend as well and im on the inch of any sort of fighter on my vita.
I haven't been able to play the Vita version because an arcade stick fell on my Vita and crushed the screen. Just wondering if anyone from Lab Zero was planning on looking into this issue. Thanks.
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What kind of setup you had that made an arcade stick fall on your vita?
What issues are you having exactly? granted the only problems i had were the text being too small and blurry but that's due to compression issues that cannot be fixed.
I've suspended myself from playing the Vita version because there were some bugs that are going to be fixed in the lobby patch. My Vita is fine, but my charger fell apart and lost its black thing that protects the top part, but luckily, my Vita is still charging. I'm thinking of getting another charger...
What kind of setup you had that made an arcade stick fall on your vita?
I had it in my Splitframe bag. These bags have these like, little bits of foam with velco on them so you can customize the inside of the bag to an extent. I had my Vita and 3DS in a top section I made in the bag. The issue is no matter how you arrange the foam there is nothing actually separating the top of the bag from the bottom. Both handheld systems slid to the bottom and the Vita's screen must have gotten crushed at some point while the bag was upright. Fortunately the 3DS survived this process, if I lost both that would have really sucked.