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j.lp to j.hp against opponent on ground


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Dec 8, 2013
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So, this is probably a retarded question, but here we go (and now for something spectacular :P):

I've seen people do j.lp -> j.hp chains as a jump in against an opponent on the ground, but whenever I try it, the j.hp doesn't come out, I assume because I'm landing too quickly. Is there some special timing on the j.lp that I'm unaware of, or am I just retarded in some other way?
If they're grounded, you need to hit the j.lp really high up on their hit box to get j.hp to come out before you land. Jumping in with j.hp is the easier, more consistent option if they're grounded.

J.lp -> j.hp is your best option for air to air as it causes an untechable knockdown, letting you continue your combo. Air to air j.hp will still work as a combo starter if they choose not to ground tech, but don't expect that to really happen much.
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To add on what Icky said, you can get j.LP -> j.HP to connect on grounded opponents, but it's not super simple since it requires specific positioning. Though I have found that doing it as a Dash-> Jump-in can work somewhat reliably.