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JP Skullgirls TRF Arcade Footage / Tournaments

I really enjoy watching these. Lately i haven't been able to tune in live. So it's pretty good to be able to check up on the tournaments here.
Can someone explain to me why all these videos are here instead of their own thread?
I can easily move them over so they get a better spotlight.

Edit: Posts have been moved from the news post and into their own section now.
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Okay! I found the house rules and have them translated now:

Entrants will be ranked Beginner, Intermediate, Expert beforehand.
Matches of different rank will be handicap matches.
Rank is set by staff.

Details of handicap:

1 rank gap difference:
Upper rank player choses 3 characters, then 1 character must die 10 seconds into the round.

2 rank gap difference:
Upper class choses 3 characters, then 2 characters must die 20 seconds into the round.

If you're good at the game playing a lower level player, you're not allowed to have team synergy or use assists basically.
I've also seen some footage where someone is allowed to play normally, but then when they get to their last character they are forced to donate them and lose the game.
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