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[Jul 29, 2016] Defend The North 2016 (White Plains, NY)


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Sep 6, 2013
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Rhode Island
Defend The North 2016
July 29 - 31
66 Hale Avenue
Crowne Plaza Hotel
White Plains, NY 1060

SG is going to be there, along with the usual main game suspects (SFV, KI, MK, UMVC3, Smash 4). Streaming by the super-nice KPB, with a $500 Pot bonus and guaranteed provided setups (!!!) so far. It's on PS4, of course. Set smack-dab in between Combo Breaker and CEOtaku might be hard for some, but it looks worth supporting. I'll try and make it out.

Here's a copy-paste from the fb page:
On July 29th, 30th and 31st, the Crowne Plaza Hotel will open its doors to welcome the Fighting Game Community Defend The North (DTN2016), a major fighting game tournament.

New York City consists of a diverse gaming community that has grown substantially over the previous years. As you may know, New York City is a tourist attraction and we believe that it can be a great destination for gamers who travel to these tournaments year round. DTN2016 will provide a venue that will advertise to players and spectators of all levels.

Both players and spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy competitive fighting gameplay as well as additional events that will occur simultaneously. They will also enjoy the opportunity to play and watch the best of the East Coast, as we try to defend our home court.

DTN2016 is proud to be part of the Capcom Pro Tour!
you can find all the CPT details here:

Defend The North Social Media:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/defendthenorth
Instagram: www.instagram.com/defendthenorth
Tumblr: www.Tumblr.com/Defendthenorth

TeamPieNyc Social Media:
Facebook: Professional Instigators Entertainment
Twitter: Teampienyc
Twitch.tv: Teampienyc
Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains
66 Hale Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

Price: $129 Per Night

details for booking will be posted soon!
General rules during tourney play:

* Game breaking glitches are banned.
* Wireless controllers are not allowed (for xbox360 batteries/battery pack must be removed)
* Turbo button features are NOT allowed.
* Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.
* Tournament is double elimination.
* Blind pick is available by request.

All Games below are $10 per game to participate:

Street Fighter 5 (Playstation 4)

Ultra Street Fighter 4 (TBD)

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

Mortal Kombat X (Playstation 4)

Super Smash Brothers 4 (Wii U)

Killer Instinct (Xbox ONE)

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (PlayStation 4)


all rules will be found in the comment section
Will be announced soon!
Online Pre-Registration Opens: TBD

Adults 18 and over to participate in tournament games - $40
(other perks will be given as well for pre registration)

Onsite Registration:

Adults 18 and over to participate in tournament games -

Teens 17 and under for to participate in tournament games - $20
(Please be prepared to show proof of age onsite or you will pay the adult rate)

Casual Pass to play games and attend other non-tournament games above - $20 per day or $60 for all 3 days
Stream, Sponsors and Schedule will be updated later

To Become a sponsor, advertise, or seeking vendor space?
contact: Marketing@DefendTheNorth.com

General questions about the event, would Help the event in anyway with suggestions, comments or conerns?
Contact: Contact@DefendTheNorth.com

Event Director
Andy Dumornay
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KPB is spearheading SG's inclusion at this tournament. That being said, due to its proximity & despite my "retirement", I will definitely be there.

As always, our expectations for any type of new event are both reasonable and realistic. Between now & July, we're basing our estimate at about 25-30 minimum, around 50 maximum. (I repeat: estimate.) I'm fully aware of the calendar placement of this event, so I can understand there being scheduling/budgeting conflicts. Totally understandable. Now that KPB is more actively involved, we want to extend the invitation as far & wide as possible. More to the point, we want there to be truth in advertising when it comes to the title "Defend the North".

As always, I'm going to do everything in my power to keep you all in the proverbial loop... once I know something, you'll know it.
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We'll see where I am with my new job and new home. This falls on my birthday weekend - I would love to support this. This actually falls on my birthday weekend so maybe I could make magic happen (plus lots of flyer miles)

No promises.
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I should go since it is on my actual bday

I am upset because you didn't tell me that your birthday is coming up, but I am happy because now I will plan to bring presents and cake.
Going to try to go to this, even if I'm planning on going to Summer Jam too.
Okay, as promised, here's some new information:

1. The TO wanted me to relay that anyone who brings a complete setup (monitor, console & game... [their words, not mine]) will get free venue.

2. I regret only getting this information last night, but the early bird pre-reg price ends this Tuesday.

3. There's been some confusion/lack of communication regarding the pot bonus. I don't know all the precise details at the moment, but I'm having another sitdown with the parties involved on Monday to sort it everything out.

4. As I stated in the beginning, I understand where this event falls in terms of everyone's schedules & budgets, which is why I also understand if some SGC members outside the region won't be able to make it out. All I ask is that you do what you can.

To kick a dead horse, I'll do my best to keep everyone up-to-date with any & all pertinent information.
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Alright, here's the latest info that I have at the moment:

Preregistration: open as of 03/30/16 with the early bird rate of $25 for the three day weekend event. Early bird pre-reg ends 04/12/16 at 11:59p. After that, it will move to the normal fee of $40 until July which will to continue to increase.

Onsite Registration: $60 at the door

Teenager Onsite Registration: $30 at the door

Spectator Fee: $30/weekend OR $20/Sunday

For the record, I currently have no idea what "Teenager Onsite Registration" could mean (outside of what I suppose is the obvious), but I'm sure that will be clarified at the next sitdown/conference call. Until next time, be safe & stay awesome.
early bird reg looks good. will probably go
For whoever can make it to DTN, regardless if it's 24 or 64 people, I can give you my word that you'll have a good experience here. Also, I'm going to aim to make this a worthwhile event that can ultimately earn a place on the SG yearly schedule. This is only the first step, plain & simple.

See you all crazy cats & chicks at CB2016, baby...
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Wow... okay, I am nowhere near being close to recovered from CB2016, but duty calls. It's part of my job to start getting some groundswell going for SG at DTN. I'm going to touch base with the crew behind this weekend and give you a proper rundown of what's to come.
Wow... okay, I am nowhere near being close to recovered from CB2016, but duty calls. It's part of my job to start getting some groundswell going for SG at DTN. I'm going to touch base with the crew behind this weekend and give you a proper rundown of what's to come.
While you're touching bases, would you mind asking about the schedule? It would be a lot more feasible for me to go to this if Skullgirls was Saturday and Sunday only. Thanks!
No worries, brother... I already know that SG is going to be on Sat & Sun because of the "Battle of the Boroughs" that'll all but consume Friday night. Chances are that, at best, we might get some Team Battle action happening on Friday depending on when we're fully set up & how many people are there.
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Worrrrrrrd alright thanks I should be able to make it then. If a team battle happens Friday I guess I miss that w/e, as long as I can make the tournament proper I'm good.
Gentlemen & ladies, if you'd be so kind, feel free to make your respective ways over to www.defendthenorth.com... that's the official webpage of the event & it has all the pedigree information anyone could need in regards to what's happening.

More importantly, though, I would like to take this opportunity to draw everyone's attention to the "Attractions" tab on the lower end of the page. The beautiful thing about this location is that it's in my veritable backyard. Seriously, I can hop a single bus & be there within an hour from where I live. The better part, though, is that White Plains is a major hub in Westchester County. The hotel itself is down the hill from the Mamaroneck Avenue Strip, which is home to countless bars, restaurants, banks & other goodies. There will be no shortage of things to do & places to see while you're not busy getting your games in. Hopefully, provided anyone's available, I'd love to show you guys around town & share with you a little of my history with the area.

In the meantime... please, please, please do what you can to either attend or -- if you can't make it -- spread word to those who can. I'll see you there!
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I kinda want to go to the event since I live relatively near the area, but I've never been to a major before. I'm not sure what the experience would be like.
I can't vouch for DTN specifically since I haven't been, but you would be hard pressed to have a bad time while hanging out with the NY Skullgirls players.
Just registered b/c I forgot. Just realized I know exactly where this place is. This is basically downtown White Plains, which is super busy and there's a lot of stuff around to eat and drink. Should be plenty of stuff to do around during off times.
I can't vouch for DTN specifically since I haven't been, but you would be hard pressed to have a bad time while hanging out with the NY Skullgirls players.

He's right, y'know... regardless of how you place in the tournament when all the dust settles, the real crux of any SG event is hanging out with the community.
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I couldn't have put it better. Hell, I know for a fact I won't be able to make it for tourney and I may still come down to see everyone anyways. If that doesn't convince you, not much else will.
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Ok quick question. I finally made the decision and signed up for DTN. What sort of proof of payment do I need to show? I got an email from PayPal showing the receipt of the payment. If I print it out and show it at registration, is that accepted?
Ok quick question. I finally made the decision and signed up for DTN. What sort of proof of payment do I need to show? I got an email from PayPal showing the receipt of the payment. If I print it out and show it at registration, is that accepted?
Typically they have a list of names (real names) at the registration desk, when you go up to the desk you present some kind of photo ID and they give you a badge. I've had a few tournaments say on the website or whatever that they want to see your Paypal receipt, but no one has ever actually asked me for it. I guess you could print it out and bring it if you want to be sure.
I haven't registered for this yet. It's in less than a month. Eh. Staying home.
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Okay, gentlemen & ladies... I've been addressed by the head TO regarding the pre-reg numbers. Apparently, they're low. That being said, I have once again drawn his attention to the obviously inopportune placement of the event (literally the week after what's shaping up to be the biggest EVO of all time). Despite this nigh insurmountable disadvantage, I would like to hear from you in regards to what the SGC itself feels could be done to increase interest/turnout for this event...

Open to suggestions and I'm not going to hold it against anyone if they feel like cracking any jokes.
I've been addressed by the head TO regarding the pre-reg numbers. Apparently, they're low.
I personally am going to try to make it, but the hard truth is we weren't given enough time. No one else who isn't already going is going to turnout, I don't think. There may be a few new players (very few, if any) due to Combo Breaker and the public consciousness returning to the game. However, every other event that has been big for SG was known to be a destination well ahead of time. All of them had at least one moderate/decent turnout the year before where everyone who went told everyone else to showup. Even with Combo Breaker last year, everyone who went to UFGTX was hyping it up.

As far as turnout this year, I'm not sure what can be done, but I'd expect around 20 entrants, no more. Over the past 4 years we've been conditioned to think that tournaments aren't going to respect us (EVO 2014, Big E events, etc.), so it's hard to feel super motivated to make something we've never had a good experience with super big.

Anyway, if the TO is open to actually listening to us, tell him that making a good experience for what SG fans do show up can guarantee a strong showing next time around (look at what's going on with CB now for SG (it's GUARANTEED to be HUGE next year), or CEOtaku, and I'd bet GUTS4). Give us a place to play, give us setups, make it smooth, don't delay the stream by absurd amounts (give us a stream?), pay the players on time, and every SG player there will tell everyone else they had a good time. That's the basic recipe for a good SG turnout.
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Haven't we known about this since March? How much time do we need?
More meant for people outside of the area. The SGC has been hyping up specific events for the past year, so people kinda far out looking for events to go to would already be going to CB/GUTS/NEC/CEOtaku/NWM/FF/etc first. We've known about this as an event (with a pot bonus) since March, but it had very few people talking it up in the thread (not even 10 comments in the thread the first month). Every event that we've has so far that's been big has always had people telling everyone "dude, this event's pretty good, I had fun, you should come out", and DTN just had none of that. That's all I meant.

If most of the players in New Your and NE shows up there should be about 20-30 (which I think is reasonable), but it sounds like they're expecting/wanted around 60.
Did preregister end like a week before Combo Breaker or something around a month after it had been announced?

Maybe I'm misremembering it, but the whole thing seemed pretty rushed to me especially when they were looking for 60 prereg.
20-30 is a lot of people given three months notice.
It was plenty of time. I'm not going because I don't want to go, nothing more.
All of these are valid points with different levels of merit to them. Despite the somewhat overambitious expectations they have towards all this, I would be pleased as pudding to see a 20-30 player tournament at DTN because of all our collective experiences at HitBox Arena proved that an SG bracket can be crazy hype, regardless of its size.

If the quote unquote "usual suspects" show up with a new players getting on stream, then that's a "WIN-WIN" in my book. If by some miracle or outside phenomena intervention that the numbers increase, even better. My concern is putting on a great show so that everyone watching can experience this game as it was always meant to be experienced.

Regardless of what unfolds, I'll see all of you there & I'm looking forward to some amazing battles.
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